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Sep 12th, 2019

06/09/19 01:51 PM [3rd Sept] Daily Prophet ~ Reports and Rumours [by Keeper of Illusions]
Wizards Against the Accord! Popularity grows following attack!

It has been impossible to visit areas such as Diagon Alley and related areas without coming to learn of WAA. The Wizarding group that opposes the 2010 Accord which ratified agreements between Wizarding Kind and some of the more notable magical beings in our world. At the time it was considered by many to be a great accomplishment in further peace and understanding with some even calling it the crowning glory of the International Confederation of Wizards and the next step in the Statute of Secrecy given that the Accords main goal is for each group to help keep each other secret.

Nearly ten years later however that view has begun to change. The idea that allowing other beings the right to police their own activities in order to free up Ministry members the world over has not shown to be as successful as planned. A number of MACUSA workers have raised concerns as to it merely resulting in a change of duties rather than a reduction thanks to Garou activities in New York some years back among other events including the strange eclipse this year).

Two days ago an event occurred which added a great deal more support to WAA and its ideals however.
Famulous Sampson, a retired wizard formerly of the Being Division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures was found dead and drained of blood outside his home in Upper Flagley. Unsurprisingly WAA was quick to declare him a vampire victim which has since been proven true by the Ministry itself.

WAA reports that their number of supporters has doubled since the attack and continues to grow. Several notable Wizarding families including the Belchants, Fawleys and Rosiers are believed to have given donations to the group.

Quentin Duvall, Head of the Vampire Liaison Office in Europe was contacted by reporters and made an official statement declaring that while vampires are indeed a dangerous race that should not be underestimated, the Accord still holds strong and has his personal support. It was of his opinion that improved education for both children and adults alike would be a better step forward so that vampires and others could be more easily identified. He stressed that students at Hogwarts, which includes a vampire faculty member, were not in any danger and that one rogue incident should not reflect on all of their kind.

The vampire community itself could not be contacted for a response.
~ Bethan Greenwood

Elsewhere in the same paper:
Femme Fatale Runs In The Family ~ Gossip Column Special!

Seems growing up with the Minister as your aunt and coming from Veela heritage is not as glorious a thing as many would imagine as shown by Victoire Weasley who is clearly following in her mother’s and Aunt’s footsteps.
Like the two of them Garrick Ollivander's apprentice has her own string of broken hearts, which somemight claim was merely a cry for help. But help for what? What could such an apparently intelligent young girl with such well regarded family ties need help for?

One also has to wonder what Teddy Lupin thinks about this. Word is that Victoire had been dating one Herman MacAngus, recently made Gryffindor Quidditch Captain at Hogwarts.
“What she saw in the clumsy guy, I will never know. But they were always together,” said Velvet Stonemoss, currently a third year Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. A far cry it seems from the dark corners Teddy and Victoire shared at the World Cup not too long ago. Trouble in paradise maybe?

“I heard that she used her charms in order to get both Teddy and Manny to like her.” Eoghan Norland, fourth year Ravenclaw.

With as many things that her ex house mates had to say about her, one has to wonder. Did Victoire even have friends or just enemies? Using her special powers and an apparent knack for love potions to achieve her own means, she has been described by some to be as cunningly intelligent as she is beautiful.

In another surprising twist she appears to have spent a lot of time with her old Transfiguration Professor since graduating. We here at the Daily Prophet know well that Victoire has long held a dislike of her mother, perhaps out of jealousy, but could the young woman have Daddy issues as well?
The two were seen together late one night at a muggle café in London and according to source the two seemed very cozy and rather secretive about their conversation.

Is poor Teddy being strung along like his Godfather once was?
Or perhaps Victoire sees the half-werewolf more as a pet?
That, my dear readers, is for you to decide.
~ Rita Skeeter
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31/08/19 10:22 PM The Animal - David Alexander! [by David Veilliux]
It is official! Finally proof besides hearsay and the supposed concert in Germany that lead to a very small and blurry amount of pictures. The music label that has released this video states that indeed David Alexander and his new band are definitely a part of their label and have requested that David Alexander wishes to not have his life hindered in anyway and if honored will continue to release videos and perhaps at a later time if needed or desired that he would perhaps be available for a possible interview in the near future to be determined.

The video itself titled "The Animal" is definitely a dark turn for Mr. Alexander from his other videos and concerts. Makes all of us wonder what the meaning of the song is about? It is almost something of a message if you really listen to it.

We look forward to more releases of Mr. Alexander now that he is officially back in the stream once more. For now as he always says....."Enjoy my lovelies!"

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04/08/19 03:16 AM [5th August] Daily Prophet - Obituary [by Keeper of Illusions]
Malfoy's in Mourning

We are sorry to report the sorrowful death of one of the wizarding worlds most noble individuals who passed away this month at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.
[Linked Image]
Astoria Malfoy (née Greengrass) was born in 1982 and graduated Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2000.
She sadly suffered frailty due to a blood curse for much of her life but was known to have never let it stop her from getting the best out of life and love. While her illness forced her to maintain a relatively private lifestyle she was known for being a music fan and quite adept at herbology which many beleve tied in with her husbands own hobbies.
She leaves behind her loving husband Draco Malfoy and son Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, who is due to start his third year at Hogwarts next month.
As the second daughter of the Greengrass family, one of the oldest families of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, Astoria also leaves behind her older sister Daphne.

Draco Malfoy spoke briefly with our reporters saying:
"I offer my thanks to all our friends for their support. Astoria's last few years were difficult but she often said that she would not have traded them for anything. There was no prouder a mother or more caring a wife. I ask only that the Wizarding World at large give my son and I some peace in our their time of mourning"
A sentiment echoed by Astoria's sister and parents. Draco's own parents Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy declined contact.

The funeral will be held on the 14th of August, having been pushed back due to an Anti-Accord protest.
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18/07/19 03:44 AM [17 July] The Quibbler [by Bonnie Wood]
Possible Sighting of a Werewolf?

Strange sounds were heard last night around the Sydenham Hill Wood area. Much of the wildlife in that area seems to be docile creatures, nothing that would harm anyone if they came around. Though reports now say that a possible wolf having been released but this close to the city seems to unlikely.

In any case, the sightings are rumored to be things of Werewolf proportion.

It is unlikely though as it is said that many afflicted live in remote areas and no one has seen them since before the turn of the century.

In the case that is was a werewolf, proceed with caution. This is a untamable creature. Wild and out for blood, they eat anything in their paths. Don't let it be you! Or you could become one as well!
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04/07/19 01:06 AM [Jul 3rd] Donations to Local Charities [by David Veilliux]
*In all Paris papers and news programs*

The night before several charities in Paris received considerable donations from the one and only David Alexander from his concert in Germany. This man returns from the dead and gives his money to the needy and down trodden! Is this man an Angel and a Saint!

To you Mr. Alexander.....keep going and we as Paris thank you so much for your contributions.
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