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Apr 13th, 2019

11/04/19 01:18 AM [Apr 9th] Looking to Create a Miracle! [by David Veilliux]
(All European Papers and Social Media)

Seeking High Motivated, Energetic, and Thrill Seekers that can bring their best to form a band that of one never seen or heard of before!

Seeking the following:

2 Guitarists
1 Bassist
1 Drummer

Must Bring your best to the table!

if interested contact David Veilliux

(Attached phone number and email)
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09/03/19 03:26 PM [Mar 1st] (All News and Media Outlets) The Rumor Mill! [by David Veilliux]
(This post is spread across all social media, news and such in all worlds)

We all know the tale. An artist's passing takes a toll.....sightings begin to happen and come in and thus we wonder and even at times pray the sightings are true.....but perhaps....maybe just this once the prayers of the millions could have been heard.

There have been sightings of David Alexander....yes the frontman of Forbidden Paradise since his death. But here is the strange of it....they have have surfaced so recently in Paris. The man that others are saying is him and swearing by has been seen and also photos of the individual. Is it truly David? Or is it nothing more than just happen stance that this individual looks just like him. Sure by our review the looks are a bit different....short hair but it is the eyes when this man is not wearing sunglasses....those vibrant blue eyes. After all they were his trade mark in his later part of his dynasty.

We reached out to his old band mates and they have begged for all of us to let the past be the past and let David rest in peace. But there is something to this individual. We leave it all to you as our viewers.

Is this it truly David Alexander? Or just a shade of hope from his loving fans longing for his return?

(Insert images and videos)
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23/09/18 11:28 AM [GDPR] Privacy, Emails & You [by Hogwarts by Night]
We've updated our privacy policy to help us out with the GDPR about opting out of emails pre-registration. I cannot change how the board is built, so I've had to do it the other way around. Basically, you agree to getting emails from HBN by completing a registration, however you can shut it off in your account settings. Not really any way around it, nor can we flip that. All we collect is what you willingly give, the IP address so the board can identify who you are and your email (which we will never ever sell).

You can read our full Privacy Policy here:
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12/09/18 09:30 PM London Venue Re-Opens - as 'Anything Goes' [by Keeper of Shadows]
We are pleased to announce that the venue of 'London' is being re-opened, with a slight twist.

London will be open to all character types.

Allowed character types will include anything from the Harry Potter world, anything from the Old World of Darkness, and mortal Investigators/Cultists from the Call of Cthulhu world.

There *are* limits.

  • Your character needs to live in London, and be able to move in/around London to take part in the venue without breaching the Accord, or any of the various secrecy laws of any of the supernatural species.
  • They must be social enough to interact with other PCs.
  • Their 'type', powers and weaknesses must be well documented in their sheet.
  • They must NOT have any world ending/changing powers.
  • Mortals/Muggles will be permitted, but remember each supernatural type does have a secrecy law, so it's unlikely you'll be privy to that side of play.
  • All characters must be of adult age (18+).

Information can be found here: London - Open Play. Please consider your characters carefully.

The Keeper in charge of London is our very own Keely, now to be known as 'Keeper of Oddities'. Please message her directly within the Forums if you have any questions.
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24/07/18 03:18 PM Hogwarts: RAVENCLAW WINS HOUSE CUP! [by Hogwarts by Night]
Congratulations to the House Cup Winners of 2017 - 2018: RAVENCLAW!

[Linked Image]
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