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Jun 5th, 2019

04/08/19 03:16 AM [5th August] Daily Prophet - Obituary [by Keeper of Illusions]
Malfoy's in Mourning

We are sorry to report the sorrowful death of one of the wizarding worlds most noble individuals who passed away this month at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.
[Linked Image]
Astoria Malfoy (née Greengrass) was born in 1982 and graduated Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2000.
She sadly suffered frailty due to a blood curse for much of her life but was known to have never let it stop her from getting the best out of life and love. While her illness forced her to maintain a relatively private lifestyle she was known for being a music fan and quite adept at herbology which many beleve tied in with her husbands own hobbies.
She leaves behind her loving husband Draco Malfoy and son Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, who is due to start his third year at Hogwarts next month.
As the second daughter of the Greengrass family, one of the oldest families of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, Astoria also leaves behind her older sister Daphne.

Draco Malfoy spoke briefly with our reporters saying:
"I offer my thanks to all our friends for their support. Astoria's last few years were difficult but she often said that she would not have traded them for anything. There was no prouder a mother or more caring a wife. I ask only that the Wizarding World at large give my son and I some peace in our their time of mourning"
A sentiment echoed by Astoria's sister and parents. Draco's own parents Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy declined contact.

The funeral will be held on the 14th of August, having been pushed back due to an Anti-Accord protest.
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18/07/19 03:44 AM [17 July] The Quibbler [by Bonnie Wood]
Possible Sighting of a Werewolf?

Strange sounds were heard last night around the Sydenham Hill Wood area. Much of the wildlife in that area seems to be docile creatures, nothing that would harm anyone if they came around. Though reports now say that a possible wolf having been released but this close to the city seems to unlikely.

In any case, the sightings are rumored to be things of Werewolf proportion.

It is unlikely though as it is said that many afflicted live in remote areas and no one has seen them since before the turn of the century.

In the case that is was a werewolf, proceed with caution. This is a untamable creature. Wild and out for blood, they eat anything in their paths. Don't let it be you! Or you could become one as well!
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04/07/19 01:06 AM [Jul 3rd] Donations to Local Charities [by David Veilliux]
*In all Paris papers and news programs*

The night before several charities in Paris received considerable donations from the one and only David Alexander from his concert in Germany. This man returns from the dead and gives his money to the needy and down trodden! Is this man an Angel and a Saint!

To you Mr. Alexander.....keep going and we as Paris thank you so much for your contributions.
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01/07/19 07:34 PM [1 July] Paris news report: Durand Resigns as St. Denis Chief of Police [by Omar Hamadi]
1 July, St. Denis:

In the wake of public pressure from both within St. Denis and without that intensified following clashes between police and the immigrant community over the weekend, including the beating of a Lebanese minor that was captured on video, Francois Durand, who has served as St Denis' Directeur de Police Municipale since 2012, abruptly resigned this afternoon at the request of Mayor Abelard Guillard, who took office in December 2018. Mssr. Guillard simultaneously announced the promotion of Chef de Service Camille Boucher, whom had been appointed to her position only this past March, as acting Directeur, pending a search.

Appearing before the media in civilian clothes, Mssr. Durand looked upset, and perhaps defiant, as he read from a brief prepared statement:

It is with great regret that I resign my post as head of the municipal police, effective immediately. I have always attempted to serve the people of St. Denis both effectively and honorably. Unfortunately, it is clear [pause] that my efforts recently have been [pause] inadequate. I have every confidence in Madame Boucher's ability to improve training, preventive policing efforts, and relations between the police our valued immigrant and refugee communities her in St. Denis. I thank you for the opportunity to serve you these past seven years.

Acting Directeur Boucher also spoke briefly:

I am grateful for this opportunity to serve. What has happened this past weekend, and indeed these past months, at Quay de Valmy must not repeated, and the Police Municipale will work to reform practices to ensure it does not. To that end, I will be appointing an ombudsman from the refugee community to make certain that my office stays abreast of refugee concerns and addresses those issues with dignity and respect. At the time, the increase in both violent and petty crime our city has experience in the last year cannot be tolerated. We will respond to this challenge with improved training, and additional officers on patrol, especially at night, to ensure that all Dionysiens can feel safe in their homes and in the streets.
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01/07/19 09:02 AM [18 June] David Alexander lives! [by Keeper of Shadows]

Front man of Forsaken Paradise, David Alexander, was thought to have died along with his wife Aisha Ria, in a fiery wreck outside Paris in September 2017. The world had mourned his passing in a way only the likes of Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson had seen before.

No one knows where he’s been the last 21 months. He hasn’t yet spoken to the media, and few seem to be able to get close. But his revelation on stage at the Waldbühne amphitheatre in Berlin, on the night of the 17th June, blew the music world away.

His new music is fierce and edgy, driving a message for someone. His band are new, too, but seem up to the challenge.

When will he appear next? And who will get the first interview? Only time will tell, but his next venue will need to be much MUCH larger!
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