Annika Nayar

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IC Information

First Impressions

Looks demure,and is usually smiling. People might mistake her for docile or as an easy mark - until speaks or they see her playing football. She dresses casually unless something (an audition, sporting event, date, family holiday, etc) calls for a different look, and tends toward bright colors. She seems like she's always looking for the opportunity to prove herself through competition.

Publicly Known History

Wizarding world: Annika grew up as the only child of a happy, fairly well-off Indian family in Diagon Alley. She graduated from Hogwarts in 2007 and lived with her parents briefly afterward while working for the Ministry, during which time she was set up on a shocking number of dates with young wizards chosen by her parents. About seven years ago she suddenly left her job and her family to go live in the Muggle world. She's known as a huge Puddlemere fan

Muggle London: Anni is a struggling actress who has had very, very small parts in a number of TV shows, including Torchwood, Dr. Who, and Spooks. She is occasionally recognized by face in a "I think that person is on TV" way, but has never been recognized by name. She is more well known locally for work on behalf of political campaigns and among local footballers and football fans - she's always in blue when Chelsea is playing.

Connections and Allies

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  • Bree Carpenter - helped Annika get her first audition and they've been friendly since
  • Morgan Hunter - bartender at her favorite local bar

Theme Music

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OOC Information

Player Discord: Ian