Apocrypha (pack)

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Apocrypha is a Sabbat Pack in Paris, France.

Pack Members

  • Simone des Anges, Tzimisce Necronomist, Priest
  • Athanasios, Lasombra Unifier, Ductus
  • Eliza LeBlanc, Toreador Antitribu Albigensian
  • Sofia Bianchini, Toreador Antitribu
  • Antony Gerwulf, Ghoul, Abbot


Ductus, Lasombra Unifier
Nicknamed 'Thanos', this Cainite is of Greek descent. Tall, with a well defined physique, he has shoulder length wavy dark hair, a full dark beard, and deep blue eyes. He also has a stare that would freeze anything, and a purr that can make any woman weak at the knees.

Thanos runs an import/export business that only gives an occasional nod to legal business practices, making good use of the Lasombra Corsairs as his partners in trade. He also runs a cigar bar named 'Sultry" near the Moulin Rouge, where he conducts business in the back room. 'Sultry' is a classy establishment serving high quality tobacco products, cocktails, and tapas, from dusk til dawn.

Eliza LeBlanc

Toreador Antitribu Albigensian
Tall, slender, curvaceous, Swiss, platinum blonde (which she often dyes different colours) with dark eyes. Very seductive, sensual, touchy-feely. It is said that she is very skilled at what she does, but most people have no idea what she does. Though on a recent hunt she was seen wielding far too many knives with extreme accuracy.

Sofia Bianchini

Toreador Antitribu
The newest member of the pack, Sofia is Italian with coiffured blonde hair, lush red lips, sultry eyes. She is an escort by trade, and likes to trade in pain with her clients.

Antony Gerwulf

Ghoul of Simone des Anges, he is a Priest at Sainte Chapelle, and Abbot for Apocrypha.