Arkham Tamarus

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IC Information

Arkham is now a 4th year student at Hogwarts, He is a transfer in from Ilvermorny

First Impressions

Arkham is above average height for someone of his age, standing at 5'10. He got the height from his fathers side of the family. Normal tan complexion, Shorter blonde hair now that he has cut it from the long pony tail he used to have, using magic of course to make his hair more a dark blonde from black. Dark blue eyes and a bit of a narrow face. His attention to detail is unmatched for someone of his age.

Publicly Known History

Arkham's parents were killed when he was young at the age of 8. He grew up in Hell Michigan and had a quiet life until the attack. He was taken in by his Uncle who was a drunk and abusive. Growing up at Ilvermorny, he was teased and tormented by older students until he started to grow a backbone and defend himself. Arkham began to take out his aggressions on other students around him.

Connections and Allies

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Theme Music

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  • After spending lots of time with Niamh Walsh , people are talking about them dating
  • Even though he hates animals, he has now found a companion. A black scruffy dog named George.
  • Arkham has spent a lot of time in the library reading books on Muggle Anatomy
  • Recently he has found the Room of Requirements and no one knows why his interest is so high on this matter.


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OOC Information

Player Discord: Darthbrick