Arthur Waterford

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IC Information

First Impressions

Arthur is an Englishman in his early 40s. Fair skinned, shoulder length dark hair that's greying at the temples, and a wild glint in his blue eyes. His accent is still strong, and from a less cultured side of London.

Publicly Known History

In Arkham - Dickens Moore

Known here as Roger 'Dickens' Moore, he runs a bookshop called Claw Marks, and he lives in a 19th century Moore Manor on the river.
He is dating both Alicia Bourdain and Felicia Devlin. He and Alicia recently adopted two dogs, Scarlet and Poppins, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sisters. Poppins is Arthur's, and travels with him between the house and the store. She's as much his therapy dog as a general companion.
Claw Marks is a specialist bookshop downtown, stocking rare, old, and occult tomes. It's a favourite haunt of Miskatonic students studying the occult, and of tourists.

In New York - Arthur Waterford

Arthur is not widely known by sight, but his name is feared as one of the regions primary crime bosses. He is a ruthless businessman who's enemies and competition are known to either vanish, or go insane. No one is quite sure which is the worse outcome.

NOT Publicly Known

Arthur is the High Priest of the King in Yellow, and head of the Order of the King, which has its membership split between Boston and Arkham.

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OOC Information

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