Blaise Zabini

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NPC Character This character is an NPC (Non-Player Character). If you need to obtain information about this character, please contact the Guardian listed on the page below.

IC Information

Potions Professor at Hogwarts.

Detailed Appearance

Professor Zabini goes to great pains to keep his appearance impeccable, often wearing suits that complement his high cheek bones.
Has has been seen using spells to ward away potions fumes and any smoke that might damage his outfit.

First Impressions

Handsome but stern and extremely arrogant besides, looking down on both students and his fellow professors almost equally.
Despite this he has a degree of charisma and a talent for teaching that keeps in him good regard.

Publicly Known History

Pureblooded and wealthy. The Zabini family earned much of its wealth and reputation due to his now infamous mothers actions though given that Blaise himself has had two wives (both now deceased) many suspect he takes after her ensuring the family will continue to grow in power.

He was in his seventh year when the Battle of Hogwarts occured. Like the other Slytherins he was sent from the castle before it started; he didn't return. He doesn't worship the Dark Lord as some others do and appears almost proud that he wasn't a Death Eater.

He isn't fond of the headmistress.

Common Hangouts

His office is in the dungeons.
He enjoys watching Quidditch practises.

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

  • Draco Malfoy - The two attended school together in the same year and house. They have kept in touch since
  • Scorpius Malfoy - Professor Zabini is known for favouring the Scorpion King
  • Pansy Parkinson - The two dated for awhile after school before Blaise met his first wife

Theme Music

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  • He murdered both his past wives (unproven)


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OOC Information

This character is an NPC controlled by Keeper of Illusions