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Core Book


There have been certain unspoken rules we all follow when posting to the board, and telling our stories. Unfortunately, because they've been unspoken, new members coming in aren't aware of how things operate, and sometimes run afoul of 'tradition'. So, it's time to write them all down, so we're all on the same playing field.


  • Do not dictate the actions or emotions of another player character without first talking it over and obtaining the agreement with the player. ie. You are having an argument, want to throw the other PC against a wall, ask OOCly first. That player may have other ideas, or some skill you're not aware of that might prevent your action.
  • Do not create then dictate the actions of major NPCs. You are allowed to include incidental things in your posts. Like waiters in restaurants, your own servants or Ghouls, people passing on the street. Anything that is background is fine. Once any kind of plot becomes involved, you need a Keeper to do that for you. Use the 'plot request' board.
  • When portraying your character, remember their strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone is good at everything. Let other characters be good at their thing, you be good at yours, work together to do things.
  • Be clear with your details, vague miscommunication is the bane of many a good post.
  • Do not assume your character knows something that happened when they were not present. Using OOC knowledge is metagaming and seriously frowned upon. When looking at a situation, make sure you are reacting through your character's eyes, not your own.
  • Try not to backdate threads too far. Some scenes can take days or even weeks to play out, and if you set them weeks in the past, by the time they are finished, they may no longer be relevant, and you've likely got a dozen other scenes set after them, that may need adjusting to include new information. Try to keep as current as possible, unless there is some strong reason for the backdate.
  • If your character has an active or 'always on' gift or discipline or spell, and you want whatever information will come back from that power, make a note in your thread post in another colour to alert the Keepers so they can return that info for you.
  • If you are bored, and want RP, and don't have any scenes going you can write on, you can request plot in the OOC forum put aside for such, or talk to another player directly and arrange a scene. Alternately, look for scenes marked 'Open Thread' and dive right in, as that is an invitation to join.

Thread Etiquette

  • Always tag a thread (see below).
  • Never just dive into a thread marked 'Private' or 'Ask to Enter'.
  • Always read all the posts in a thread before joining, to make sure it makes sense for you to be there.
  • In smaller threads (fewer people) try to keep to posting orders.
  • In bigger threads (more people) it's not as important, but try not to over-post around slower writers.
  • Date a thread the day the RP there is occurring. You can add a time indicator if timing is important.
    • eg [March 10th, noon]
  • If the RP in a thread changes locations significantly, start a new thread in the new location.
    • You can leave a link to the new thread in the old one if you want
  • If you leave the action of the thread, leaving other PCs behind talking, you don't post again, you've left. Start a new thread with further actions.

Tagging Threads

All threads on the board should have a tag. If they don't, you'll find one of the guardians randomly assigning a tag for you.


  • Owlery Thread - Used for posts in the Owlery & Post Office forum only, see format for use there.
  • Open Thread - A thread in a public place where you don't mind other characters joining on a whim.
  • Ask to Enter - A thread where you don't just want people joining, but don't mind if they ask if they can join.
  • Private Thread - A private thread between the initial posters only. If they want you to join, they'll ask you.