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IC Information

Yorkshire born Witch and Muggle actress with a niche in horror films.

First Impressions

A slim blonde tattooed young woman. Bree gives the impression that she is intimating and as such people can miss out on her wit and humour. People also seemed shocked that she speaks in a Yorkshire accent.

Publicly Known History

In the Wizarding World

Bree is another young Drama school witch who works in one of the pubs in Diagon Alley whilst looking for work. She's from a small pureblood family who still lives in Yorkshire and own a drink company. They keep asking Bree to move back home and work for the family business.

The Muggle World

Bree is one of the best Horror film actresses and is in demand for many UK films. She has a Muggle fanbase and she does what she can to maintain that. She has started in many films which have had some success. She is sometimes away filming or at horror conventions.

She is very much embracing the Single life in London and she is often out on dates or hooking up with guys both Wizards and Muggles and can sometimes be seen doing the walk of shame.

The Diagon Arms

Bree works at a pub that opened up when Diagon Alley was opened up to Magical Muggles. It is a pub that shows Wizarding Sports and established itself as one of the top places to watch Quidditch and will put on other sports if enough people ask. They have live Music on a weekend and does a pub quiz every Wednesday.

Connections and Allies

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Theme Music

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  • Filmstar- Suede
  • The Whole Of the Moon-The Waterboys.


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Yeah the Accord. Quite remarkable really. I'm all in favour of it really'"

OOC Information

Player Discord: Keely