Bridget Giroux

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This character is an NPC (Non-Player Character). If you need to obtain information about this character, please contact the Guardian listed on the page below.
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IC Information

Ministry of Magic Employee and Head of the Magical Muggles Liaison Office.

First Impressions

Looks younger than her age suggests. The accent clearly showing that she is another posh Minstry Employee.

Publicly Known History

Among Wizazding Kind

Before coming to London. She worked in the Ministère des Affaires Magiques de la France in a more clerical role before applying for her current job.

Looked down upon by some Minstry Employees for being married to a Muggle.

Whilst she wasn't directly involved in the opening of Diagon Alley. She oversaw it all before being formally assigned into the role.

Also operates an open door policy to anyone who wishes to talk to her.

Connections and Allies

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OOC Information

This is an NPC portrayed by Keeper of Oddities