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The Camarilla in Paris

The Camarilla in Paris are really under-represented, so rely on their old friends the Anarchs to help them survive. With the Sabbat claiming most of the city, the Camarilla have been relegated to Saint Denis, a sub-prefecture north of the city, and home to the royal necropolis of France.

There is a Prince here. There is a Keeper of Elysium who doubles as Seneschal when needed, and there is a Sheriff. If others come, and stay, they are handed titles for their trouble. Primogen is the most common title granted, but there have been others. Count, Earl, Duke, Lord ... and Lady, of course. His highness thinks himself 17th century royalty, and treats his court appropriately. Some say he is as mad as his Keeper, others aren't so sure.

Elysium is the Basilica of St Denis, the home of the royal necropolis, and an important Gothic cathedral. Court is held at least once a month, often at the conclusion of the Midnight Mass.

The Court

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  • Philip Bourbon, Nosferatu

Born, if you believe him, in the mid 1600s, Philip, who prefers the French 'Philippe', claims to be actual French royalty. Yet no King by his name ever lived. He's ruled Saint-Denis for the last two hundred years, and has aspirations to return it to the glory it once managed, before the Sabbat took Paris.


Keeper of Elysium

  • Charlemagne, Malkavian



  • Ylva, Gangrel

The Camarilla OOC

For more information on what the Camarilla is, and how they work, please view the White Wolf Wiki and check our Canon_Material_vs_HBN_Setting page for differences.

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