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Core Book

Start Here

Welcome to Character Creation.

The first thing you'll need to do is decide what type of character you'd like to play. Our world is diverse, allowing for much variety.

The basic world is that of the Harry Potter stories. Our chronology is current day, so the children of the Cursed Child narrative began at Hogwarts in September of 2017, and their story will unfold as the years progress.

To Harry Potter, we added Vampire: the Masquerade, and Call of Cthulhu. Mostly because we enjoy the venues, but also because they sort of fit. Both HP and CoC include Vampires.

We've divided the world into four 'venues'.

You may have up to one character in each of the above venues..

You must be at least 16 years old to play in HBN, and 18 years old to play in the Vampire: the Masquerade venue.

Links to Character Sheet templates and example sheets can be found below.

You will need to have the sheet evaluated for balance by Keepers. Do not take it personally, we just know what will sink the game and have to protect it. Be precise when making the sheet with details of powers etc. If it isn't on the approved sheet at creation, you don't have it.

Common trouble areas to take note of:

  • A player name/nickname is required for record keeping.
  • Natural affinities are what are you naturally good at.
  • Vulnerabilities/Weaknesses are required to be listed (we're all vulnerable to something) .
  • Character Histories are 300+ words in length.
  • Be sure to write a detailed character appearance and personality.
  • All characters must begin play in their Venues City.

If you need anything to be 'secret' you can send the sheet to a Guardian to be posted somewhere other players cannot see it. But please don't submit an entire sheet in this way. All sheets get moved after approval to reduce chances of metagaming.

Order of Creation (Steps to follow)

  1. FIRST: Register on the Board (Register also on Discord to get more help and join our community).
  2. SECOND: Read our Core Book's 'required reading' sections.
  3. THIRD: Go to chosen Character Sheet for chosen type.
  4. FOURTH: Copy Sheet into word document (Text, Word, etc...) and fill out ALL details.
  5. FIFTH: Go into Character Creation on the MESSAGE BOARD and MAKE NEW TOPIC, past filled out sheet from Word Document into the post body, click POST.
  6. Sixth: Wait for commentary and approval statements.
  7. Seventh: Play.

Global Creation Rules (applies to all venues)

Creating a character is the first step to playing in our game and there are a few rules that apply on top of the separate venue rules. Please take note of these rules and the ones listed for each separate venue. These are in place to help balance the game and maintain peace.

  • This is a free form game; character creation does not need mechanics outside of picking abilities in certain venues (which are monitored and capped).
  • Players are currently capped at 3 adult characters per player (plus an optional Hogwarts Student) until our world expands. Players are limited to no more than one character in each IC location (London, Hogwarts, Paris, Arkham), and no more than one PC of each 'type' (eg Adult Wizard, Student Wizard, Vampire, Investigator/Cultist).
  • Invent a unique but grounded concept. Give other characters a reason to want to interact with your character.
  • Think about what sort of things your characters might want. This helps to give you something to do as you explore our world.
  • If you decide to make more than one character, please consider how you will avoid interacting with other characters your first character knows and having ties with the same characters.
  • Your character cannot be in the same Scene/Thread as another one of your characters, this is considered a Conflict of Interest. Large scenes which run over more than one thread/location may be exempt. This will be strictly enforced to the extent of character death (for violations). All efforts to thwart it and mediate the situation will occur before characters are removed from the game.
  • Our game discourages PVP. If your concept is meant to be violent, confrontational or antisocial please think about how to avoid conflict and fights with other characters. This helps to keep the game balanced. (Exceptions for PVP/PVE forums.)
  • Guardians may ask questions at Character creation, this is normal and should be expected. The character is probably fine, we just want to know you better.
  • Only Call of Cthulhu Characters may have the skill 'Mythos'. This is considered the venues disciplines and is required to use mythos magic. Being exposed to mythos experiences will cause rapid sanity loss.
  • The more unique and unusual your character is, the more likely you will be asked questions. This is just so you will be aware of the expectations and responsibilities of playing such an awesome character.
  • Some concepts may not be allowed for various reasons. If you want to play something that isn’t listed here on the board you should contact a Guardian first. We will discuss it and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • If you make character ties, PC or NPC, get the player or keeper to comment on your sheet when posted to show they agree.
  • We’re friendly here and respect the difference between IC and OOC. Please try to avoid taking something personally, talk it out or ask a mediator for assistance.

Game Setting and Rules

Character Caps, Conflict of Interest, Game Locations

Players may have up to three adult characters in our game (plus an optional Hogwarts Student character). 1 character per venue location and only 1 character per venue. Characters played by the same person must never meet. Locations are quite far apart to allow for variable connections to other characters and the chance to travel.

All venues have clearly defined areas for where plot is most likely to take place. WOD is Paris. HP is primarily in the Wizarding World located within the United Kingdom, and Call of Cthulhu is in Lovecraft country. All characters may travel. Exposure to other venue's defined forums will expose characters to cross-venue plot.

  • Hogwarts/London (Wizarding World): The Distance between Hogwarts and London is 9 hours (by train), 390 miles.
  • New York/Lovecraft Country: The Distance between New York and Lovecraft Country is 5 hours (by car), 220 miles.
  • London/Paris: The Distance between London and Paris is 6 hours (by car), 290 miles.
    • Paris = Vampire: The Masquerade (Sabbat Controlled, Camarilla have a small enclave in Saint Denis North of Central Paris).

Venue Sections and Character Sheets

For London characters, choose the rules and sheet that best suits your chosen character type. When in doubt, refer to Keeper of Oddities for advice.

Character Creation Rules

Character Sheets by Venue

Each venue has it's own default character sheets for primary and secondary character types.
Each venue also has available example character sheets to give an idea how to fill them out, and what goes where.

Where to place Character sheets and other information on the Board

  • Place completed sheets in Character Sheets
  • If you want suggestions, want to request in-character background ties (or relationships) or haven't finished your sheet, post in our Guilt by Association™ & Workshop
  • If you have anything you would like to be public knowledge about your character, please consider posting a thread in Public Knowledge Dossiers. This can help new and current players understand how each character is tied together. This is the same sort of information that also can be placed on to our wiki under Character Wikis.

Where to ask for help

For the most part we elect to keep all game questions in our Game Rules Clarifications & Questions forum. This helps to aid other players who may have the same questions later on.

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