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Hogwart's School

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

The finest and purest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world.

Hogwarts is a year round boarding school spanning seven years of magical education dedicated to teaching the next generation the fine ideals held by the Ministry while preparing them for their future lives and employment. All pureblood wizarding children in the UK get a letter inviting them to Hogwarts when they turn eleven.

The school itself dates back to the tenth century and has been home to a great many of the worlds finest magical minds over the years. It is protected by a vast number of enchantments which make it unplottable and practically invisible to muggles (non-magical folk).
It is located somewhere in the highlands of Scotland and accepts students from Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. On occasion it has even accepts student from further abroad as long as their grasp of the English language is sufficient to ensure they benefit fully from classes.

Its current Headmistress is Dolores Umbridge.

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

The Houses

Shortly after arriving at the school students are sorted into one of four houses each defined by certain personality traits that they possess (or are likely to exhibit under the right circumstances). It is with their fellow housemates that students will take classes, live in dormitories and socialise in common rooms.
Mixed house classes are not uncommon and the majority of the castle is open to all students to gather and meet so friendships between students of different houses do happen. Only students of a particular house are allowed in the common rooms and dormitories of that house however.

Each house competes for a House Cup trophy given out at the end of each year with points being given out or taken away by the schools Professors. Detentions are also given out to students who break the rules in more extreme fashions and expulsion is not impossible.


House Symbol: Serpent
House Colours: Green and Silver
Head of House: Severus Snape

Once viewed unfairly by some as the least worthy house, Slytherin has risen to its rightful position as one of note and pride. Its students are known for their leadership skills, resourcefulness, determination and ambition. The common room and dormitories for the house is located in the dungeons and spreads out below the great lake. The door is hidden somewhere behind a stone wall and requires a password to enter.

Famous students from this house include:
Merlin, Draco Malfoy (Head of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry), Severus Snape (Dark Arts Professor) and of course, Lord Voldemort himself.


House Symbol: Eagle
House Colours: Blue and Bronze
Head of House: Septima Vector

Ravenclaw students are known for their wit, creativity and intelligence, although this does not mean that there have not been brilliantly clever students in each of the other houses. Their common room and dormitories are located in a high tower. The door is easy to find but its eagle door knocker requires a riddle to be answered for anyone to be allowed entry.

Famous students from this house include:
Garrick Ollivander (wandmaker), Ignatia Wildsmith (inventor of floo powder), Jillian Penrose (recent inventor of several dark charms)


House Symbol: Badger
House Colours: Yellow and Black
Head of House: Stanley M. Folkowej

Hufflepuff students are famed for their loyalty, patience and accepting approach to hard work. Their common room is located somewhere near the kitchen and it is believed there is some trick to entering the place. More than that, rumour has it that Hufflepuff students actually have a way of expelling others from their common room.

Famous students from this house include:
Hengist of Woodcraft (founder of Hogsmeade), Zacharias Smith (respected member of the Ministry), Gavin MacBain (Magical engineer)


House Symbol: Lion
House Colours: Red and Gold
Head of House: Ernest Yaxley

Students of this house are regarded as being brave and daring, as well as having a certain disregard for rules. The Gryffindor common room and dormitories are located behind a painting on the seventh floor of the castle and is protected by a password.

Famous students from this house include:
Peter Pettigrew, Celestina Warbeck (famous singer), Alwyn Jones (recently famous quidditch player).
Gryffindor house is also home to more more Ministry traitors and undesirables than any other house.


A wide number of magical subjects are taught at Hogwarts. These are generally separated into two types.

  • Core classes - These are studied from the first year and are required subjects until students finish their fifth year.
  • Elective subjects - Once students reach their third year new subjects become available for study. Students have a choice as to which they are interested in.
Subject Type Description Professor
Astronomy Core The study of stars, planets etc, including movements and names Aurora Sinistra
Charms Core Spells that involved imbuing objects with new and unexpected properties Ernest Yaxley
Dark Arts Core The use and protection against harmful spells and creatures Severus Snape
Herbology Core The study of magical plants and how to take care of them James Devlin
History of Magic Core The research of past magical events Cuthbert Binns
Potions Core Brewing and mixing magical concoctions Blaise Zabini
Transfiguration Core Spells that transform or change an object Isolde Volkova
Arithmancy Elective Magical study of numbers and how they affect the world Septima Vector
Dark Creature Studies Elective Research into identifying and defeating dark creatures Ismelda Murk
Divination Elective Methods of attempting to predict the future Rodolphus Lestrange
Magizoology Elective The study of magical creatures and raising them Lorraine Elmsworth
Study of Ancient Runes Elective Research into runic properties and historical use Stanley M. Folkowej

With the policy against accepting half-bloods and "so-called muggleborn" wizards into the school the somewhat smaller number of students per year has allowed a shift in class sizes. Rather than each class being a mix of students from two houses, each class now includes students from all four classes.
This does mean that class sizes can be marginally larger than those ran back in the pre-2000 era but opinion is that improved schedule plans organised by the current ministry more than makes up for any disadvantage in doing so.

A great many spells are covered in the classes throughout the years. A rough guide to the syllabus can be found here.

Other Classes

  • Flying - Only taught to first year students. This class covers the use and rules of broomsticks.
  • Apparition - The magical art of teleportation. Lessons are available only to those in sixth and seventh year and are optional at cost.

Sixth and Seventh year - NEWT level

At the end of their fifth year at Hogwarts students undertake their Ordinary Wizarding Level (O.W.L.s) exams. Afterwards they have the choice of leaving the school to begin work or continuing on for another two years to study for the Nastily Exausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.T.s) which will enable them to take higher position work.

Students that carry on have no required lessons and instead apply to study subjects specific to their future career goals, subject to achieving a required grade in their O.W.L.s. Other specialist subjects are also available to a select few students.

Other Faculty Members

Argus Filch - Caretaker

School Grounds

Quidditch Pitch

Great Lake

Otherwise known as the Black Lake. The lake is located south of the castle and is about half a mile in diameter, being completely landlocked.
It is home to several creatures including a colony of merpeople and a semi-domesticated giant squid. Typically its waters are very cold but there are no rules against swimming in certain areas. Much of the schools plumbing drains into the lake as well.

First years upon arriving at the school are taken across the lake in boats to see the castle for the first time.

Whomping Willow

This large, powerful and sentient plant is located on the school grounds.
It is quie vicious and will attack anyone and everything that comes within range of its branches.

The Forbidden Forest

Located on the edge of the school grounds, this vast forest is an ancient area that holds many secrets. It is home to an unknown number of dark and dangerous creatures and is strictly off limits to students - though some Study of Magical Creatures classes and detentions are held within the forests edge.

Some fifteen years ago an attempt was made by the Ministry to clear the forbidden forest of certain dangerous species such as Centaurs. This attempt was met with only some success but there have been no confirmed sightings of the creatures since, though some believe this may be just because what centaurs remain know to avoid trouble or simply to shoot first.


The most popular sport in the magical world - highly dangerous, very exciting and played on broomsticks.

In addition to the House Cup, each of the four houses compete in quidditch matches throughout the school year with each house playing against each other in matches and points being calculated overall.

Current Players

Slytherin Team
Scorpius Malfoy - Seeker

Ravenclaw Team

Hufflepuff Team

Gryffindor Team
Tristan Yaxley - Chaser