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Core Book
"To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others."
- Tony Robbins


Guardians are those who Care for Our World. In HBN, we call those who help to run the boards, the wiki, and our blog ‘Guardians’. Guardians come in different flavours. Admin, Keepers and Moderators (see section below).

Guardian Code of Conduct

  • Maintain polite and respectful conduct with all players and staff OOCly. Any issues should be discussed with Admin
    • As Guardians represent the board, they all must communicate with each other and resolve issues with all players. If a Guardian cannot interact with another player, communication breaks down. We will strive to prevent that at all costs.
  • Uphold the decisions made by the Admin team, and other Guardians
  • Discuss any MAJOR changes to the game with all other Guardians and respect everyone’s thoughts when considering the final decision.
    • Never take this personally as we are all striving to maintain a Classic Game while attempting to refine it to be cohesive and fun.
  • Any and all major changes to setting or rules must be finalised by the Admin team, after being reviewed by other Guardians, before going into full effect.
    • After 3 days of the final post on a change discussion, it will pass as long as 50% of the Guardians have spoken in agreement on the issue.
  • Anyone can Volunteer to help out as a Guardian. We will need to know a little more about you and if you have any experience before taking Guardian votes for you to join the team.
    • There will occasionally be an ‘all call’ for volunteers.
    • Volunteer positions include, but aren’t limited to, dedicated venue Keepers, Mediators, Technical staff (Wiki, Blog, etc).
  • All materials produced voluntarily for HBN will be retained for future use; even if a player or Guardian steps down or leaves the game.
    • Once it’s on the board, it stays on the board. Posts should only ever be deleted if they’re posted with the wrong login, or Admin agree they should be removed.
    • Guardian/Keeper logins are for Guardian/Keeper posts only, and remain the property of HBN.
  • All Guardians are to keep Guardian discussions private, and not share those communications with players without consent. In the same way that private messages between players shouldn’t be shared without permission. It’s common internet courtesy, folks
  • Guardians have access to non-player characters designed to enhance game. Creation of these NPC’s follow the same rules as player characters (if it isn’t on the sheet, you don’t have it) and must be posted to the NPC Sheets forum and approved by at least 3 Guardians. These characters must also have a written plot synopsis posted on its creation thread before it can go into play.
  • Plot outlines (including planned conclusion) are mandatory before plot begins (except where plot springs spontaneously from other threads, in which case it should be posted within a week of commencement)..
  • Guardians have the privilege to enter any thread, at any time, to deliver plot or insert NPC’s. Ensure that such actions make sense to the scene being played out.
  • A monthly report is expected to be filed by the last day of the month, up to a week before. This is to maintain integrity that we are all working as a team. If you post earlier than that, you must update before the end of the month with current information.

Guardian Roles Explained

Admin / Owners

Admin are those of us who handle the day-to-day decision making. We decide on rules and locations and all the messy bits regarding the game. We mediate disputes, and work with other Guardians to run the game. We strive to communicate, work through, and fully discuss any changes that occur to the world before we introduce it to the players.

As Admin own the board, they have final say in decisions and changes, and the direction the board moves over time. They will always do their best for the game, and with respect for those players playing the game.

Keepers (Storytellers)

Keepers are those who focus on telling story for our players. Each venue will have one or more dedicated Keepers who will help players find story for their characters within that venue. Our game has classically always been self-driven. However if you do want more, then we can come up with plot for you. Everyone in the game is here to tell a story and we respect the choice of whether players want to interact via a personal plot or board plot.

Keeper Abilities

  • Running plots
  • Locking/unlocking threads
  • Moving threads
  • Creating sticky threads
  • Proposing Venue Rules

Keeper Rights and Responsibilities

  • Keepers are storytellers for one venue that they are assigned to.
  • Keepers have a ‘Keeper of …’ login that is used for Keeper only posts and remains the property of HBN.
  • Their duties are dealing with their venue's plot and guiding/governing characters therein.
  • They have primary say in the suitability of characters for their venue.
  • They may create and use NPCs in their Venue/Location, as per rules for all Guardians below (they must have logged sheets).
  • They are expected to deal fairly and equally with all players who have characters in their venue.
  • They may propose changes to their venue rules to admin and have a say in them during discussion of the proposed change.
  • Keepers may only ST/run plot outside their Venue/Location/Characters after consultation with the Keeper responsible for that Venue/Location. Ie. If a Wizard goes to Paris, the HP Keeper needs to consult with the VtM Keeper regarding what happens to them there.

Our Current Guardians

Contacting Admin/Owners

Report Issues

or Email:
or Join Discord:

Moderators [Non-Guardians] (Player's personal forums)

Moderators are those who care for a specific forum. Usually it’s a location in game, such as a private residence or character’s business. These forums are moderated by the player of the character they belong to. This is primarily for residences and/or player owned locations. Keepers still have final say (as seen above) depending on where that location is on the board.

Moderator Abilities:

  • Move threads out of their forum
  • Lock/unlock threads in their forum
  • Make threads in their forum sticky

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