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Core Book
Wizards represent all that the true 'Muggle' most fears: They are plainly outcasts and comfortable with being so.
Nothing is more unnerving to the truly conventional than the unashamed misfit!

"If you're curious, London's an amazing place."– David Bailey

Open Play

The London Venue follows an Open Play ideology. This is different from our other venues.
As such plot events are more in the hands of players rather than any appointed storytellers. This also means that the venue is more freeform in character creation, though character approval is still required. Because of this characters in order to travel to other venue areas, special permission is required from that venues admin as certain characters will not be appropriate outside of Open Play areas where centralised or personal run plot may be affected.
Please keep this in mind when creating your character.

The City of London

Unbeknownst to the general population of the city, London has begun to draw individuals of all races since the signing of the Accord.
As an act of goodwill to the other races, the spells protecting the Leaky Cauldron and other areas from the sight of non-magical folk have been relaxed so that other races can more easily find them while still being invisible to Muggles and the like. Centaurs and vampires alike have become more common in Diagon Alley.
The Ministry do keep a close eye on events however, ensuring that things do not get out of hand and that the muggle population remain unawares of goings on.

Creation Rules for London

The venue is focused around the city of London which is under the control of the British Ministry of Magic. As such it is worth considering the information regarding the Wizarding World.
When creating your character, you may consider anything from the wider Harry Potter or OWoD universes as long as it would be appropriate for them to reside and travel around London. Similarly, they should be able and willing to communicate and interact with other characters for obvious reasons. Remember, our game is “Player vs Environment” and not “Player vs Player”. If your concept couldn’t amicably interact with other PCs at least on occasion, it won’t fit well. Similarly, if it’s concept or story would require heavy Keeper interaction. Investigators and Cultists from the CoC mythos are also welcome.

Adult Wizards are likely to be common (especially as the majority of students graduating from the Hogwarts venue are likely to move here).
It should be noted that while Apparition is perfectly accessible to all character that pass their tests (which doesn't include all adult wizards), using the magic to cross to other countries or other long distances is extremely difficult. The floo network is far more secure when travelling to different places within the United Kingdom while registered Portkey's or muggle transportation is typically used to travel abroad.
See the above disclaimer and consider that for mechanics purposes similar limitations apply to other travel methods.

Note: While characters may be Open Play, there is still a large Wizarding presense in London which should be considered. Wizards do police other races on this.

London Character Creation

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