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This page is simply a gallery of current NPC wiki pages and images used by our Guardians. We do not have a claimed list perse, but we do want it obvious what version of photos and character concepts are currently in play. You can find out more about an NPC character by visiting their wiki page.

If you wish to interact with these characters, please post a request to the appropriate Keeper to the Plot Request forum on the HBN game board.

Remember, if you wish to interact with an NPC character you may travel into other areas. Keep in mind that does expose you to plot and influences that are outside your own home venue. At no time ever should you ever be in the same scene with your own character.

Current member characters can be found at: Current Player Characters.

Hogwarts NPCs

London & Magical World NPCs

Parisian NPCs

Lovecraft Country NPCs

Retired and Other NPCs

See Retired characters.

Alphabetical List of NPCs


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