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Outcasts in Wizarding London

The outcasts of London lead difficult lives either looking to each other for support, stubborning pushing forward on their own or doing their best to simply fit in.
Most are not criminals though some certainly might be. Even those that are tend not to target their fellow outcasts, whether out of a sense of pride or simply the fact that others make for better pickings.

The London game location differs from other areas in that you are allowed to play either a wizard or a non-wizard character.
There are separate character creation page guidelines for each, so please feel free to read over and consider what you would like to play.

All characters created for the London game location must be 18+ years old.

Wizard Characters

Primarily of human appearance, using wands to perform their spells.
When it comes to being a witch or wizard in the modern day, blood status comes first and foremost. The Ministry has made it known that only those with magical blood can become wizards, so the amount of magical blood in your ancestry is valued highly. Those whose parents or grandparents were ordinary human muggles are looked down on, while those related to other less human races are almost despised if they do not hide it well.

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Non-Wizard Characters

House elves, trolls, centaurs and even vampires. Non-wizard characters are often entirely inhuman both physically and in their mental outlooks of the world.
None of these races are allowed to use or carry wands but almost all of them possess magic of some other kind, depending on their species.

The only non-wizard characters that are not considered outcasts are Goblins employed by Gringotts Bank and House Elves in service to (read enslaved by) a pureblood family.
These characters can travel where they like but may be questioned if they are in the Ministry.

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Outcast Status and Associated Locations

The vast majority plot will focus on outcast characters, which is to say those who are not greatly welcomed by the more 'noble' aspects of wizarding society.

Outcast characters include anyone who hasn't been publicly accepted by the ministry, such as younger individuals whose blood isn't pure and anyone with non-human blood.

Diagon Alley, the Leaky Cauldron and the Ministry

These locations are under close watch and control by the pureblood wizards of the world.
Non-outcasts are free to walk proudly but outcasts should have a good reason for being in such locations if they wish to avoid trouble.

Knockturn Alley, the White Wyvern and the Big Easy

Every society has its dregs and Knockturn Alley is where the Ministry works to herds those in the wizarding world.
Anyone is allowed to walk the street but known purebloods and those with connections to the ministry marking them out as non-outcasts do so at the risk of being mugged or attacked if they stay too long and aren't careful.

While Knockturn Alley has a public tavern known to everyone, called the White Wyvern, those who are actual outcasts and residences know that the real place to be is the Big Easy.
Those who aren't outcasts are unlikely to even know the place exists, let alone its location. As such it is the safest place for outcasts.

For the most part the White Wyvern is used for business meetings with other outcasts from outside London or on the rare occurance that an outcast needs to sit down with an non-outcast for some reason. Of course, there are also those evenings when a group of pureblood wizards decide to visit the place for a dare.

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