Claw Marks

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Claw Marks is a bookshop in Arkham, MA. It's focus is on the rare, the obscure, and the occult. The window proclaims that the proprietors are 'Dickens and Wolfe'.

The owner is Roger 'Dickens' Moore. He's an unassuming man, often found behind the counter of the store, reading a newspaper.

There are shelves of 'normal' books on the occult and related subjects. Even fiction. Things printed by the mundane media. The rarer and more obscure tomes are in locked glass cases, and are only touched with gloves on.

There is a small room out back, behind the counter, through a door marked 'Private'. Dickens used to live here, once, the small office also serving as his bedroom and private library. Now, it's just an office, with a safe, and kettle, and laptop, and a comfortable chair where Dickens can put up his feet for a while.

The sign in the window proclaims Claw Marks open: "Wednesday to Saturday, 10 until dark, or by appointment"