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Creation Rules for Call of Cthulhu

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  • How did you find out it was real, did you witness something that broke you?
  • If you have become a Lovecraftian cultist, what happened to crack your sanity and convince you to become and investigator or cultist? (read notes below)
  • Cultist characters will not be able to use any mythos ritual that will destroy the -entire world-. We prefer to work at keeping the game continuous without a reset.
  • If you have one, what is your relationship to the supernatural world? Did you marry a Witch? Did vampire kill your brother?
  • Please remember that the game is primarily non-PVP and we encourage everyone to use their prejudices as flavour. You could kill a PC, but do you NEED to. It will be very important to communicate with other players and reassure that trying to kill their character is not personal. Consider how you will avoid conflict with PCs.
  • CoC Investigators and Cultists cannot use Wizarding Items that are Wands, Charms, etc… But they could stumble on to a Lovecraftian Lore book that has ‘other’ sorts of ancient magics which can be used by them.
  • Wizards have found out about the Mythos, but they are unable to use it. They seem wary and suspicious of magics they can't fully understand. Being in relationships with those outside of Mythos circles seems to drive those loved ones crazy quite quickly.
  • The Wizards watch these unusual magicians with wary eyes, treating them as they treat all other magical creatures they know very little intimate details about.
  • You may only have 1 of this character type in play and it must start play in its home location of Arkham Mass or Kingsport Mass.

Sanity Levels

The sanity for Cultists is suggested to be between 40 to 65 (or lower depending on how insane they are). Investigators can fall between 55 and 75 (but can be much lower due to experiences with the mythos). Remember that hitting 0 Sanity will result in character loss.

  • If you choose a sanity lower than 50, consider temporary or permanent derangement's your character might have.

Call of Cthulhu Character Sheets

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