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Core Book

Discord Chat Pinned Info & Rules

Welcome to Hogwarts by Night's Discord Server!

Discord Chat

Aside from the Code of Conduct listed on the core book, Discord has only just a few.

  • Respect everyone! This is a No Drama Zone!
  • Please do not contact a Guardian who has asked not to discuss game on the server. Sometimes we just want to have fun and hang out too.
  • When using the 'notices' room please include a @<name> or @<role> when using it. The intention is for announcements and posting links so they are be more easily found. (It is not a chat room.)
  • Please use our help forum on the board as much as possible so others can benefit from the responses.

Please take a moment to read our Code of Conduct / House Rules page to get a feel about our community, how to create a character, and what we expect from both our players and Guardians.

Screen Shot of all HBN Discord Rooms

The following rooms all become available to members who post a character for approval.
Feel free to hang out as long as you want to chat and ask questions in the Welcome Lounge.

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