Evan Hopkirk

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NPC Character This character is an NPC (Non-Player Character). If you need to obtain information about this character, please contact the Guardian listed on the page below.

IC Information

Former professional Quidditch player and now a full time store assistant at Quality Quidditch Supplies.

First Impressions

A little bit dim and friendly. Often is the one making a fool of himself or saying the wrong thing. A very positive cheerful guy.

Publicly Known History

A former keeper for Wimborne Wasps before he got let go by the team. He now works in Diagon Alley in a stop gap job, he's been there for a few years now.

Loves his sports and he plays football for his local Muggle Pubs team in goal and follows the Muggle football team Fulham.

Connections and Allies

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Theme Music

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  • Was cut from the Wimborne Wasps for getting into a boozed up fight before a game.


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OOC Information

This NPC is portrayed by Keeper of Oddities