Fallon Gordon

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IC Information

  • On a full academic scholarship at the University
  • Originally from Soddy Daisy, TN
  • Chronic Volunteer

First Impressions

Fallon comes across as nervous and sometimes odd.

Publicly Known History

  • Been seen around town with Adrean

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

  • Samuel Smith- They go to the same school and occasionally hangout
  • Adrean Borlich- Literally ran into each other and have become friends and now roommates, starting next semester. She has no clue where this is going.

Theme Music

(songs that relate)


(these should be based on IC events, not OOC jokes)


(things said in game)

OOC Information

Has two dogs Rosco right and Beans left

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Player Discord: Sarah