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IC Information

  • Former Unspeakable that studied the Death Gate in the Department of Mysteries
  • Former Transfigurations Professor, Hogwarts
  • Former Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, NEWTS Level
  • Wildly in love with the Former Muggle Studies/Vampire 101 Professor
  • Married to Cardinal Maria del Belmonte

First Impressions

  • Gabriel is very curious about vampires. Always has been since his father told him of a shadow that attacked death eaters in the last war.
  • Loved Transfigurations
  • Is very dedicated to his position of Maria's Templar
  • Always watching and observing even when not seen

Publicly Known History

  • Searched for days for Matilda Adamson who became Nyx when she vanished.
  • Former Unforgettable, Department of Mysteries
  • Templar to the Sabbat Cardinal of Europe

Connections and Allies


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Theme Music

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  • Supposably seen for a time with actual fangs.
  • Desires to return to the Abyss
  • Left Hogwarts to be with his vampire lover, hasn't been seen since.
  • Rumors abound of a far away village under the control of two shadows
  • Learning the forbidden arts of the Abyss.



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OOC Information

Player Discord: Icemanx1980