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Hamadi, a Paris fashion house.

Hamadi is at 156 Boulevard St. Germain, in the Latin Quarter. The public area of the house is a single-floor boutique where Hamadi's prêt-à-porter offerings can be purchased and fitted and where design consultations for couture commissions occur. The sign for the business is what appears on his label: the name Hamadi in Arabic calligraphy, casting a shadow that is the same name in French script.

There are currently only two dresses in the window: one of his most famous, a black calf-length gown Omar designed for Audrey Tautou to wear on the red carpet in 1999 (along with a photo of her wearing it) on one side of the door, and on the other, designed in in June 2018, a red, floor length gown with intricate bead work at the bodice that, in his opinion, projects both style and feminine strength. Next to the dress is a sign that says "New collection arrives Fashion Week, 2018. Hamadi opens to the public 25th September 2018. Before September 1, 2018: By appointment. Call [number]." Backing both windows are heavy white curtains that hide whatever is inside the boutique.

Inside the boutique, the space is built out for the comfort of the patron, with a variety of seating options, widely adjustable lighting enabling the patron to see how they will look in conditions approximating those they plan to wear the dress in, and a so-called "magic mirror", on which the image of any dress, or even a sketch, can be superimposed over a patron's reflection.

The design house occupies the two floors above the boutique, where seamstresses and tailors from the local Syrian refugee community, including Head Seamstress Ruaa Hamza, work to produce the designs created by Omar and his two assistant designers, the talented ghouls Jennifer Marsten and Henri Claret.

For now, Omar maintains an apartment on the fourth (top) floor of the building.