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retired character This character has been retired from play. We retain character pages for historical purposes. If you need to obtain information about this character, please contact a Guardian or the original member who portrayed the character.

IC Information

  • Elemental Fireheart/Draconic
  • Formerly Fairest Draconic
  • Former of Eyederdark
  • In Love with Nyx
  • Recently arrived from the Hedge/Arcadia

First Impressions

Publicly Known History

  • Defender of the Freehold
  • Works at a Electrical Powerplant

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

Theme Music

(songs that relate)


(these should be based on IC events, not OOC jokes)

  • Has a resemblance to Vermillimax


(things said in game)

OOC Information

This NPC is portrayed by Keeper of Wolves

This NPC was part of the Changeling venue.