Hickory's Antiques

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Along French Hill Street you can find this curious antique store. Selling fine wears from predominantly from the 1600's+. However if spoken to kindly and at the right price, even rarer items can be searched for.

Like the buildings around it, the front of the store is made up of ancient red bricks with high peaking roofs and large windows. However upon closer inspection, all of the buildings seem to have odd angles only seen at the periphery. Never the less, it doesn't take away from the majesty of the area.

The shop front itself is dominated by two large windows that overlook the street, between which the door resides. The room beyond is large, about 20' wide and about twice that in length. From the doorway across the left hand wall is various hangings from all periods. A civil war musket, an axe, some posters from the late 1800's and rather elaborate shield from Africa to name but a few. On the right hand wall nearest the window is a couple of bookshelves, stacked with first editions, the occasional occult book and more besides. Further down the right hand wall beyond the booksheves rest shackles from the time of slavery, stocks and a rack on its end for those of macabre tastes. Throughout the rest of the shop are various tables and glass cabinets with further antiques, coins and clothing. By the bookshelves, to allow visitors to sit and read, is a round table, large enough for four chairs to sit around it. Allowing the visitors a clear view of Arkham on a wet windy day whilst drinking some tea.

Beyond the antiques at the rear of the store an L shaped counter resides in the left hand corner. Taking up half the space allowing more stock for the other half. In front of the counter is another table, a smaller square one, rife with ancient tea stains and wear. Behind the counter you find the owner, Mr Jeremy Hickory. A pleasant englishman who will offer tea for those passing through.