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The Hollow of Adamson and Dunkle

Or, the Hollow AD.

In the forest outside the Hedge-Paris, is the perfect tree. This tree is hollow, magically so, and is the Hedge based home of the Changelings Nyx and Egon Dunkle.

It has six rooms:

  • two bedrooms,
  • a living space,
  • a bathroom,
  • a workshop,
  • a kitchen/diningroom,
  • and there are two gardens outside,
    • one for cooking and eating,
    • and one for tokens, trinkets, trifles, and medicines.

It only has one door that leads out, but that door leads four different places. There is a dial on the inside of the door, divided into four different colours.

  • Green leads into the Hedge directly surrounding the tree,
  • Red leads to Hedge-Paris, and markets, and taverns, and Hobs, and more,
  • Blue leads to the garden in Nyx's home in Paris,
  • Black leads ... well, Nyx has been asked to not go there.


This venue was part of the Changeling venue.