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Core Book

About our World

Hogwarts by Night - A magical World of Darkness & Eldritch Horror is a Play-by-Post Game. Founded in 2003, the game was a Long Runner that closed in 2011, but was rebooted after a six year hiatus. Through Canon Welding, the game combines Call of Cthulhu (7th Ed.), Vampire: The Masquerade, and is based in the world setting of Harry Potter. Characters maintain venue locations, but may still travel and explore other parts of the world. It is possible to play a literary character from any book or movie, it will need to conform to fit into one of our 4 venues in our setting.

Please be aware that we are not an RPG all about having our characters hook up and have torrid affairs; that's just not our style or philosophy. Relationships happen secondarily to plot in our little universe, and should develop over a realistic period of time. If you're looking for a lot of sex, stalking and smut, you're looking in the wrong place!

House Rules / Code of Conduct

  • You must be 16 years old to play in HBN, 18 years old to play in the Vampire: the Masquerade venue.
  • "Real Life Comes First." No one is required or expected to post 'every day'. Our Community is a 'Drama Free Zone'.
    • Asking another player to respond persistently will be considered harassment and dealt with accordingly.
    • If you know you will be away awhile, please leave a courteous 'away' message on the forum to alert others.
  • Be Courteous, Respectful, Welcoming, and Friendly to all players.
    • 99% of the time Miscommunication can be resolved by a private enquiry to ask for clarification.
    • If you have an issue you are unable to resolve with a fellow player, notify the admin.
  • Hogwarts by Night is considered a mature RPG with 'Dark Themes'. All members are required to be 16+.
    • Any posts considered inappropriate for 13+ must be moved to the 'Moonlight Forums'. Anyone lying to enter will be permanently banned.
    • Underage characters are forbidden to engage in inappropriate situations (sex/rape, violence, obscenities).
    • Forcing players to portray characters in a way they do not wish to is harassment.
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) issues are forbidden and will be investigated, report incidents to admin ASAP.
    • Characters played by the same person are forbidden to ever meet or be in the same scene.
  • We are a socially focused game, PVP is discouraged unless absolutely necessary [see PVP info beflow].
  • Actions will have consequences in game. IE if a Wizard is embraced or Ghouled it will lose all of its magical powers etc...
    • Collaborate and Clarify with other players if you are unsure if you do know something in character or not.
  • Meta-gaming and Godmodding is not permitted. You must be able to provide evidence of where you obtained information.
  • Our game is free-form with boundaries. Characters are allowed their own assumptions and opinions without consultation of others.
    • Major game decisions should be communicated and organised amongst players if the situation drastically changes the Role-Play.
  • Proper use of spelling and Grammar is encouraged along with good character development and content.
    • Writing in Bright Colours is reserved for Guardian use.
  • Guardians & Keepers have the final authority in all situations. They may enter threads, finalize or change rules, ask you to alter posts, and deliver plot wherever appropriate.
    • If you become uncomfortable with a plot, please contact the lead storyteller for your character.
  • There is no word count per post, all we require is that you do not 'kill' or 'abandon' threads. Always lead it on or leave the scene to end it.
  • If you are angry take '24 hours' for a break before you say something you regret and burn bridges.
  • Never post anyones personal information (Real life and privacy come first). This is per our Privacy Policy.

Keepers Code of Conduct

This can be found on our Category:Keeper wiki Page.

Avoiding Conflict of Interest

  • All New Characters must be based in their Venue Locations (see character creation)
  • Only 1 character is allowed per Venue Location
  • Only 1 character allowed per type
    • This means as an example only 1 Vampire, 1 Hogwarts Student, 1 Adult Wizard, etc at a time in play.
  • Characters played by the same person are forbidden to ever meet or be in the same scene.
  • Characters are allowed to travel, as long as they return to their home venue location after their visit and they do not end up in the same scene as their own character.

Character Deaths (PVP or PVE)

There may be acceptable reasons where a character may be killed without discussion with the opposing player. This should be extremely rare and must be warranted. The following reasons are acceptable reasons to be killed:

  • You are a member of an opposing faction and you willingly enter a thread with an enemy that you know will kill your character.
  • You do something which other members of your 'type' would consider treasonous or deal breaking. Expect your Keeper to have others react accordingly.
    • You were told to GO or NOT to go somewhere, and you did whatever you wanted anyway. IE: Intentionally ignoring hierarchy and/or protocol.
  • Breaking the Accord can lead to character death if discovered.
  • You enter a Scenario or Forum where character death is possible (and is clearly stated by a Keeper).
  • You intentionally get involved in a fight in which deadly characters are involved.
  • What is not acceptable is intentionally entering a thread and killing a character with a ‘one shot, one hit’ post. At least let them have a minimum of three or four posts before killing their character.
  • We all work very hard and invest quite a lot in our creations, please ensure the ending of their lives is done in a worthy death and ending to their story. Our stories are not about death, but actions always have consequences.

Age Restrictions

  • Hogwarts by Night requires a minimum age of 16 for play.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade is restricted to players over the age of 18.
  • Players under 18 and characters under 18 are prohibited from participating in any indecent or violent content.
    • Players caught lying about their age will be permanently removed from our website.

Board User Agreement

Updated: December 15th, 2017

Welcome to Hogwarts by Night!

Before you begin we must tell you that we are a mature Dark Fantasy Game with Dark Concepts. This game combines 4 different games and will not be 100% canon, this includes the need for literary crossovers to be converted to our setting. If that concerns you and If you are easily offended or upset by interacting with challenging and/or violent characters, you may wish to reconsider now.

HBN expects a high standard of conduct. To be as clear as possible to our expectations you are required to read our House Rules & Code of Conduct. Our website strictly enforces 'Real Life First' and a 'Drama Free Zone' (mediation is available) that encourages good quality games, a strong community and good writing/grammar practices. Players are encouraged to remember that everyone has a life and that playing in our game is casual, and at times, at a very slow pace.

Our Guardians are held to a strict standard of conduct as we are lucky enough to be under the eye of many gaming companies. This comes with both pride and a great responsibility that we maintain the reputation of our game. You can read our leadership code of conduct here.

Should you have issues on the board there are various ways to receive assistance; Discord, Email, Game Assistance forum and as a very last measure, a mediator if issues cannot be resolved between players.

Consistent breaching of our code of conduct will lead to warnings up to suspension and/or banishment from the game. Admin will decide on the seriousness of the situation and decide the proper appropriate response to the rules being broken. Underage users (15 or under) will be permanently banned from our game.

By joining this board you also agree to our Privacy policy.