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IC Information

Awkward and shy daughter of Ministry spell researchers with a secret. Well.. many secrets.

First Impressions

Jillian is commonly considered a bit of an oddball and is recognised at first glance by the goggles she typically wears atop her head for seemingly no reason.

Publicly Known History

Jillian is a former Ravenclaw student with an interest in magical research and other more unusual interests.
In her early school years she was regularly teased for being an oddball, being excused from flying lessons and for accidentally setting fire to part of the Ravenclaw dorm in her first year but as she grew older and displayed more magical talent and quicky habits such behavoir towards her faded. While at Hogwarts she spent more time than is usual with certain professors and studied a lot.
Both her parents work at the Ministry of Magic and are very busy.

  • As of May 2018, Jillian has been accompanied by a shadow-figure who emulates her form.
  • As of May 2019, she has begun dating Charlotte Greenwood.

Since leaving Hogwarts she lives with her family in London while trying to find a place to live.

Magical Ability

Jillian has proven herself to be one of the most talented students in the past several years, passing ten O.W.L. classes (the same number as Hermione Granger-Weasley, the current Minister for Magic) and seven classes at N.E.W.T. level.
Her finest subject by far is Charms which was expected with her upbringing. She has also noted as being especially good at Transfigurations and the Vampire Studies portion of D.A.D.A. though her practical abilities let her down in this subject which led to it being the lowest grade of the NEWT classes.
There are rumours tied to her shadowy companion that she is privy to certain spells not covered at Hogwarts.

Connections and Allies

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Old Friends

  • David Veilliux - Complicated past friendship, strained since his 'rebirth'
  • Liliana Adamson - Roommate and friend, now off travelling
  • Jong-Su Selwyn - Oldest friend before his transfer
  • Nyx - Friend, last seen in Paris before her mysterious disappearance
  • Gabriel Night - Former professor and friend, similarly disappeared

Theme Music

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(these should be based on IC events, not OOC jokes)

  • She has lost a lot of people from her life in the past couple of years. She has broken down in the Great Hall at Hogwarts and even draw a wand on a professor in her distress.
  • Jillian was very into the band Forsaken Paradise before it broke apart, now supporting its lead singers new career.
  • She was close with the old Muggle Studies Professor Mary Kestrel.
  • She has an unhealthy interest in non-wizarding things.
  • During the summer she has been visiting a grand estate in Loughton.

Sabbat Rumours


(things said in game)

  • "Crushes are definitely normal, believe me.."
  • "It really is, last couple of years have had their rough moments for me.. Mal has helped a lot with that, best I could hope for without having a girlfriend ... So glad to have you with me."
  • "I don't even think that way about David anymore!! I've a girlfriend, okay?! She's adorable and cute and sweet and I love her.."
  • "Don't you dare threaten her.. I won't warn you again on that one again,"


Jillian originally had no pet or familiar but now she has several.

OOC Information

Player Discord: Elizabeth