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IC Information

Awkward and shy daughter of Ministry spell researchers.

First Impressions

Jillian is commonly considered a bit of an oddball and is recognised at first glance by the goggles she typically wears atop her head for seemingly no reason.

Publicly Known History

Jillian is a sixth year Ravenclaw student who shares a small dorm room with Liliana Adamson. She enjoys magical research.
In past school years she was regularly teased for being an oddball, being excused from flying lessons and for accidentally setting fire to part of the Ravenclaw dorm in her first year.
Both her parents work at the Ministry of Magic and are very busy. She spends more time than is usual with certain professors and studies a lot.

She was Jong-Su Selwyn's valentines date, though they have never once been seen kissing or holding hands at school.

As of May 2018, Jillian has been accompanied by a shadow-figure who emulates her form.

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

  • Liliana Adamson - Roommate and friend
  • Bonnie Wood - Good friend since they began studying together in Summer 2018.
  • Thanasis Belchant - Bonnie's boyfriend and a good friend of Jillian's
  • Mary Kestrel - Former professor, good friend and mentor

Old Friends

Theme Music

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  • Jillian broke down in tears during breakfast in the main hall, the same day that Matilda Adamson was discovered missing.
  • Jillian was very into the band Forsaken Paradise before it broke apart, prior to the lead singers death.
  • Most people think she had a huge crush on the bands leader, David Alexander.
  • She was close with the old Muggle Studies Professor Mary Kestrel
  • She has an unhealthy interest in non-wizarding things.


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While previously without a pet, Jillian has obtained a magically animated mechanical bird, known for singing songs from the late Forsaken Paradise band.
She also recieved a dog from a friend of hers, who stays in her room when not out for walks.
Jillian Songbird.jpg Jillian Puppy.jpg

OOC Information

Player Discord: Elizabeth