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IC Information

Private information broker, wife to Julian Luna of Marseille & 'Sabbat Vampire'.

First Impressions

Katalina has short, dark hair and striking eyes. She has freckles and full lips.
Like any Tzimisce not leaning towards the monstrous, she has a perfectness to her looks.
She tends to wear loose clothing; flowing skirts and soft jumpers usually.

Publicly Known History

Commonly Known

Katalina only came of notice when she found herself on the arm of banking CEO Julian Luna. Since then she has become a partner in the company and his wife, following a private marriage ceromony. She has risen to the occasion well.
There was some brief speculation as to her origins, especially since Luna was not one for the dating scene prior to Katalina but the story was found to be a dull one.

Known to those of the Right Background

McLain is a talented information broker, contactable by leaving a voicemail on a certain phone number. Her fees vary and her methods are unknown but highly efficient. She has an array of contacts and is none too picky what jobs she takes.
Few in the business rival McLain whose ability to find out information goes beyond understanding.

Among the Sabbat

Current Priest of Difensori di Milano, though in truth the pack has spread its wings with Katalina currently residing in the Luna Manor.
She attended the Palla Grande in Scotland in 2017 and actually spoke with the Cardinal and the Archbishop of Paris, while at the side of said Archbishop's Paladin. In 2018 she attended the Palla Grande in Paris alone.
A talented Tzimisce who formerly kept to herself, she is known to have studied with Erskine Beauregard who was once a packmate of of Cardinal Belmonte before his disappearance. She is now a Templar of Paris.

Among Death Eaters

She is a Death Eater who supported Voldemort during the Second War and was believed to have died in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Katalina Rose.jpg

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

Past Contacts and Allies

  • Nyx, mon delice d'or - Friend, lover & protégé. Pomme de Sang. Now disappeared.
  • Egon Dunkle - Research partner
  • Arthur Waterford, mon amant passé - Distant Friend
  • Erskine Beauregard - Former ally & mentor, currently in hiding

Theme Music

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(these should be based on IC events, not OOC jokes)

Katalina Spider.jpg
  • Responsible for the disappearance of one or more of her partners ghouls.
  • She is one of the wealthiest women in Paris.
  • Of late she seems taller than she used to be.


(things said in game)

  • "An equal then. Neither of us is food to the other, yet we are monsters and we are unique."
  • "And what if I were some dark and dangerous temptation?"
  • "To be continued.."
  • "I would certainly not be against that and I promise only to eat you if you ask. A lot of people do enjoy being tasted however.."
  • "The temptation was certainly there, but what is the saying.. Kill not the goose that lays the golden egg?"
  • "I would have you, right here and now if you did not deserve far better.. Savour the moment, enjoy the anticipation.."

Items of note

OOC Information

Player Discord: Elizabeth
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This character is a Fera as part of the Vampire venue.