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About Me

Counselling student. Long time roleplayer with knowledge and experience in several systems. Technical talent among the staff. Known for having a wealth of knowledge about the Wizarding World.

I currently lead plot events within the Wizarding World areas of Hogwarts by Night.
I am admittedly a Ravenclaw, but promise to show no bias towards that house.

One of the two Keepers chiefly responsible for undertaking forum and wiki changes during the 2020 board reboot.

My characters Present Characters

My Past Characters

  • Jillian was my first ever character on HBN and is currently the longest running PC in the Hogwarts venue. Originally intended as a mere background student to explore the board from within long before I became a Guardian she in time came to embrace some of HBN's more unique aspects; straying into the streets of London where she needed to be saved from one vampire by another, she found herself permanently tied to the VtM venue. Since then she has briefly visited the Call of Cthulhu dreamlands and been there when one of her friends was transformed from witch to changeling.
  • Katalina was my first character created after I became a board Guardian. I was given special permission to play the Fera in thanks for doing so much work during the change over to the boards new permanent location. She was the first Parisian character before all other vampires were moved to the city and remains a potent figure there after giving in to her character weakness and falling in love with the cities Sabbat Paladin, Julian Luna.
  • Felicia began life as an NPC created by another keeper who fell into my hands following that keepers retirement. She was a hundred year deceased undead spirit which haunted the house of Arthur Waterford, a fellow worshipper of the King in Yellow. Overtime the two fell in love despite their differences and in his greatest act of mythos magic which blotted the sun briefly he brought her back to life. Following that act she transitioned into full PC status for some time.
  • Lorraine was a briefly run character during londons first incarnation. She developed quite the personality of her own, her pet Aisling however was carried over from another wizarding character I'd designed some months previously. Following the 2020 reboot, a Dark Timeline version of the character was creating serving as the Magizoology Professor at Hogwarts.
  • Eerika is greatly missed. The second character created for the Azkaban sub-venue, she was a former theatre actress turned murderer who worked hard to make a name for herself as one of the prisons inmates. Befriending one of the fiercest female inmates in Azkaban the two became a pair to be reckoned with and each managed to find their way into the hearts of two of the staff. Having always carefully avoided additional punishments, Eerika became the prisons first trustee, helping out and living in the infirmary until the venue closed and was archived.

My favourite NPCs, now and then