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Core Book

About Me

I'm Keely and I'm in the North of England in a town called Huddersfield and I work as a receptionist for a Casino.

Long time tabletop player in various systems including Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, DnD and Shadowrun. I'm also a Real Ale and Craft Beer drinker as well.

Been part of HBN by night for a while and I slowly built my characters up and generally enjoy it. I'm now also the Keeper of London/Anything Goes which is fantastic. I like to follow the principal of the venue and I like to see what happens between players and act accordingly.

Hopefully more characters will join London and embrace the open venue.

My characters, past and present

Matilda is my first character and my longest running character and since I created her she's gone through a lot. She's gone from quiet librarian to high priestess to Nyarlathotep and a mother of two Godlings. She's also become a bit of a heartbreaker after cheating on Arthur Waterford with Jeremy Hickory.

Charlotte is a Hufflepuff like me and she's one of the students who dislikes Quidditch. She's slowly coming out of her shell and she has many of the Hufflepuff traits. She's also interested in plants and Muggles.

Sofia has only been in Paris for a few months but she's already made an impression of the City. She's a lover of inflicting pain on others and uses sex to feed on men and to get her way. Having her part of Apocrypha (pack) has been wonderful for her and she's often the first to know what is going on in Paris.

Bree Carpenter - London My newest character. Bree is an actress who found herself working in the Horror industry and is a very popular actress in the Muggle world. She's just another aspiring actress in the Wizarding World.

Past Characters

Suzi Fall- A Camarilla in a Sabbat city. Refused to change and left Paris to travel the world with her husband.

Ursula French - My first London character and she was the grandmother's of Diagon Alley. A tealeaf reader for those in need. She lived a wild life which included potions abuse. She's still around in Diagon Alley and wider London as an NPC.

Claudia McGowan- My second Azkaban character after my first one died in the line of duty. Claudia was a Scottish woman who would always do what she believed was right. Left soon afterwards and was last seen living in Scotland with her Husband.

My favourite NPCs, now and then

My first London NPC. He's a lovely guy but can say the wrong thing.

More as they come.