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Core Book

About Me

I'm Keely and I'm in the North of England in a town called Huddersfield and I work as a receptionist for a Casino.

Long time tabletop player in various systems including Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, DnD and Shadowrun. I'm also a Real Ale and Craft Beer drinker as well.

Been part of HBN by night for a while and I slowly built my characters up and generally enjoy it. I'm now also a Keeper mostly seen in the London venue just being in the background.

Hopefully more characters will join.

Current Characters

Jess Bailey
A headstrong Gryffindor who likes to push the limits of what she can get away with.
Ivy Bennett
A Half Breed in Knockturn alley who has a distrust for those in power.
William Harper
A business owner who is searching for answers for his own personal sanity.

Storyteller Characters

James Devlin
Professor of Herbology and heartthrob to some older witches.
Lottie Greenwood
A former character all grown up. A graduate who has ended up in the Ministry.

Maybe more to come.