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Core Book

About Me

Hi, I'm Morte. I live in Australia, just outside Melbourne in the forest, with my husband, daughter, and two cats. I've studied science, writing, goldsmithing, and assorted other oddities. I like to spin and weave (fibre, as well as tales).
Currently I'm one of the Admins here for HBN, and the dedicated Keeper for Vampire: the Masquerade.
I love throwing random NPCs into scenes, running small spontaneous plots, or taking on larger plots for groups of characters. I try to avoid running multiple intensive personal plots that benefit only one person. I'd rather spread the joy!
My strengths are in World of Darkness (Vampire in particularly), which I've been playing since 1991, and Call of Cthulhu, which I've been playing since 1985 (though I'm just getting caught up on 7th ed and Pulp now).

My characters, past and present

  • Mary Kestrel, aka Maria Del Belmonte, Sabbat Lasombra, founding member of Last Rites (Sabbat pack), Cardinal of UK and Western Europe, and former Muggle Studies / Vampire Studies Professor at Hogwarts. Mary was recently retired after embracing her love, Gabriel Night and they both vanished off to Spain.
  • Arthur Waterford, aka Roger "Dickens" Moore, US Crime Lord, owner of Claw Marks (an antique book store), and Hastur High Priest. He lives in a haunted house in Arkham, and used to date Matilda Harrow before she dumped him for Jeremy Hickory.
  • Azra Idris Malak, Mediwizard and Psychiatrist in Azkaban Prison (also former inmate). We closed down the Azkaban game when things got too weird, but I loved Azra. She was so much fun to play.
  • Chloe Elmsworth, an adult witch on the dark side who runs a shop in Diagon Alley, Mullpepper's Apothecary. She has two sisters, Alana and Lori, who run the shop with her. She was retired, with her sisters, after that incarnation of London didn't quite work out, but she's still there, in Diagon Alley, as an NPC shopkeeper.
  • Niamh Walsh, a 4th year Gryffindor at Hogwarts, who likes getting into mischief. She's the Seeker on the Gryffindor Quiddich team, loves the more academic magics, but has a thing for creatures. She's new, too.
  • Morgan Hunter, a bartender who moonlights as a race/stunt driver. She seems to understand more than she lets on about the world, and has experienced the Wizarding world somehow and kept the memories.

My favourite NPCs, now and then

  • Aurora Shriver, Dhampyr, Paris. She's slowly learning about where she comes from, and what she can do. She's a blond beauty who's a hematologist and teacher, when she's not out hunting vampires for their blood.
  • Simone des Anges, Sabbat Archbishop of Paris, and former Nun, possessor of True Faith. She tortures the heretics and unfaithful, seeking proof of the soul.
  • Egon Dunkle, Lost Doctor and master of Fear. Need some illegal surgery? He's your man. He operates (quite literally) out of an abandoned children's hospital in Paris.
  • Yelena Albatros, First year Slytherin at Hogwarts. My daughter created this character, to play herself, until we changed the age limit for players. She has to wait a little now, so I'm playing her PC for her until she's old enough to play it herself.
  • Larch Puckridge, inmate, Azkaban Prison. I wish I could bring this guy out. He was a martial artist and muggle-born wizard just after the war ended. He was also a burgeoning cannibal.