Knockturn Alley

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More than twenty years ago, Nockturn Alley was the place where the underbelly of Wizarding society congregated. The misfits, the outcasts, the dark witches and wizards plying their trade.

Then Voldermort won the Battle of Hogwarts, the Pure Bloods took control of the Ministry of Magic, and everything changed.

Now, it’s the half breeds who are the outcasts, the half bloods, the sentient magical creatures. All the types the Pure Bloods look down on. Knockturn Alley belongs to them, now!

Here the Pure Bloods fear to tread, if they be in their right minds.

But for those who are welcome here, it’s a rich and wonderful place. Without the stagnation of the Pure a Blood wizard society, without that narrow minded inbreeding, people are thriving where they can. In between running, hiding, pretending very hard to be something ... else, so the Ministry doesn’t pick them up on random charges, and send them to Azkaban, or worse.
Knockturn is something of a safe haven

Borgin and a Burke’s shop, long s centre for dark wizard gatherings, has long since moved into Diagon Alley and is respectable. At least, as respectable as any dark wizard run establishment can be.

Where B&B used to stand is now an Apothecary’s store. Full of all the things you’d expect of its kind, with the added bonus for the outcast of offering small financial transactions. Not everyone can safely enter Gringotts now, after all.

The focal point of life in Knockturn Alley, for those outcasts who know where to find it, is The Big Easy; a bar and sometime rooming house run by a lady everyone just calls Mum.

Don’t be a Pure Blood walking through her doors, though. Or you may never remember you were there.

Noted Shops and Businesses

  • Apothecary - that also caters to outcasts banking needs
  • I Bennett Designs- Jewellery shop owned by Ivy Bennett
  • The Big Easy - known by outcasts only