Lisa Evermore

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IC Information

Raised by a foster family, both dedicated supporters of Voldemort, Lisa has grown up with the propaganda of the new world. Despite her training to be mentally strong and a good duellist to be the next generation of supporters she may not be as dedicated to the cause as those around her would prefer.

Detailed Appearance

Always well dressed and groomed Lisa walks with her head high and always confident, she stands about 5'4” with a slender build. She has long straight black hair and dark green eyes. Her gaze is always focused and intense, once she locks her eyes with you one can feel scrutinized as if she is working out what type of person you really are.

She carried a notebook with her at all times and a quill with markings similar to a red tailed hawk. As of now she seems to be the only one able to remove the quill to write, if not in her hair than it is in a pocket of her robes.

First Impressions

Lisa may come across odd and aloof, not always interested in talking to people and studying hard, those who have tried talking to her have felt intimidated by her despite her words not being cruel in any way.

Publicly Known History

She was sorted into Ravenclaw during the sorting ceremony but was transferred to Slytherin a few days later for unknown reasons. Those who share classes with her know she is a formidable dueller, is determined to learn non-verbal spell casting and has very fast reflexes.

While it is known she comes from a foster family she calls her foster family her own parents and has no interest in learning about her birth parents.

Her elective classes are Dark Creature Studies and Ancient Runes.

Known Hangouts

- Library

- Morning jogs every morning at 6am

- Courtyards if they are not too busy

- Charms classroom

- Slytherin Common Room

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

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Theme Music

None known at the moment


- It is believed that Umbridge knows about her family heritage

- She may be being trained as more than just a supporter of Voldemort


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OOC Information

This character is portrayed by Lee Dassin