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Core Book

Creation Rules for London

The London Venue follows an Open Play ideology. As long as characters can easily reside in London, are able and willing to interact with other characters and do not disrupt the status quo of the world (such as blatently breaking the Statute of Secrecy for example - Which all races support) you are able to create anything from the Harry Potter or OWoD universes, or alternatively an Investigator/Cultist from the CoC mythos.

Remember however that the more outlandish your character, the more likely the character will be restricted to this venue and not allowed to travel. This includes travelling to Hogwarts (including both Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest).

All London Characters

  • Characters will know little about each others abilities and powers. DADA only teaches the basics per the Ministries Agreement with the Supernaturals. The same goes in regard to other creatures and their knowledge of each other and how wizarding magic works, even former wizards turned vampire are unlikely to be up to date on current spells and practises.
  • All characters must be of adult age, regardless of species.
  • Do check other venues for additional information if creating a character relating to that venue.
  • Other races are allowed into Diagon Alley and the like (depending on character background). Remember that electronics do not work in or around Diagon Alley or other wizard heavy areas.
  • If in doubt, assume that the Aurors and Hitwizards of the Ministry of Magic have some means of dealing with your character. The large influx of new races to London has pushed the Ministry to advance its resources.

Wizard Notes

  • Wandless magic does not exist in our setting. All spells require a wand.
  • The Unforgivable Curses and other methods of murder are ILLEGAL, if you get caught using them you will be sent to Azkaban Prison!
  • Animagi are rare, Metamorphagi are even rarer.

Vampire Notes

  • Being embraced by a Vampire will cause Wizards, Witches and other races to lose their magic; the same goes for being 'ghouled' as you cannot have both magic and vampiric abilities at the same time. Blood bonds do not remove magic (enter one at your own risk however). Non-humans cannot be embraced (this may result in character death instead) but may be ghouled and blood-bonded depending on species.
  • Male Vampires who have been embraced 20 years or less can have a chance to father a half-vampire child. Should a female witch and a young male vampire have a child, it is a half-vampire (Dhampyr are the Vampire venue equivalent). It has all the powers of the witch mother, and only some cosmetic similarities to the father. Perhaps pale skin, small useless fangs, an aversion to sunlight, the tendencies of the father's clan, etc.

London Character Sheets

Helpful Notes

  • If you make character ties, PC or NPC, get the player or keeper to comment on your sheet when posted to show they agree.
  • Playing a canon character is an option, but remember that we are telling new stories.
  • If you already have a character in the game, please have a thought about how to avoid having the same friends/contacts/enemies. We request that you avoid cross-relationships with other characters your primary character knows to prevent meta-gaming and COI.
  • Make sure you really think about your history and goals, this helps the Guardians with any storytelling in the future.