Lottie Greenwood

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IC Information

Young Graduate in her first proper job in The Ministry.

Detailed Appearance

Dark brown short hair with brown eyes. Charlotte does sometimes wear makeup when she is at work as well as her Ministry robes and smart suits.
When not in her uniform. Charlotte favours t shirts and jeans with trainers and does not look like a respected Pureblood Witch.

First Impressions

Chilled out young Witch with a Mancunian accent.

Publicly Known History

A Hogwarts Graduate with NEWTs in Herbology, Charms and Divination. One of the best in Herbology in her year.
Charlotte worked in temp jobs with the plan of becoming an Artist. Instead she works in the Administrative Registration Department in the Animagus Registry department.

Known Hangouts

  • The Leaky Cauldron

Connections and Allies

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Theme Music

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(these should be based on IC events, not OOC jokes)

  • Her post seems to go to different people at work.


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OOC Information

This character is portrayed by Keeper of Oddities