Maria del Belmonte

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IC Information

Maria is a Lasombra Unifier, pillar of the Sabbat, Cardinal of the UK and Western Europe.
She is a member of Paradis.

First Impressions

Maria is 5'10" tall, slender build, flawless fair skin, hip length wavy black hair, absinthe green eyes. She is, in many ways, perfect. As perfect as her Tzimisce pack mate could make her.
She walks tall, and proud, not bowing to anyone. She is a woman of power and grace.
Quite often, she is followed by a small black cat who seems to be more shadow than substance.

Publicly Known History

To the Sabbat

Maria del Belmonte is a Lasombra Unifier, past Priest and Ductus of Last Rites, former Archbishop in France and Spain, and current Cardinal of the United Kingdom and Western Europe.
She is a member of Paradis, a small relatively new pack consisting of Katalina McLain, their new Ductus, and Omar Hamadi, their Priest.
She has a fascination for Wizards, particularly those with a tendency to the dark side. She has spent some time trying to track down her descendants, having found a few of note. She recently embraced her wizard lover, Gabriel, But has since lost him to the Abyss.
She resides in a villa on the island of Majorca in southern Spain, or in an apartment in Central Paris when she visits the city.

To the Wizarding World

Known here as Mary Kestrel, she was once a witch. She attended Hogwarts, and was placed in Slytherin House. She graduated, married, had a family, then vanished. To apparently become a vampire.
She fought in the second Wizarding war, helping to defeat Death Eaters in London, and keep the Muggle population safe.
For some years after the war, until Winter Holidays of 2017, she taught at Hogwarts School; Muggle Studies, and Vampire Studies (as part of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classes).
Then she left in the company of Gabriel Night, former Transfigurations professor.

To the Mortal World

Here she is Mary Night, wife of Gabriel Night. She donates to children's charities, attends benefits and balls, stays out of the limelight as much as possible.

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  • Maria is not a vampire, but a creature of the Abyss herself.


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OOC Information

Player Discord: Morte