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IC Information

First Impressions

Morgan is an athletic 5’6” tall, with a hardy resilience born out of extended endurance activities. She has shoulder length dark wavy hair usually worn back in a ponytail, bright blue eyes, and an English complexion. She likes simple clothes that allow ease of movement: jeans, runners, t-shirts, a jacket/coat/scarf when it gets cold. If she wears a dress, it will allow free movement. And she never wears high heels.

Normally she is outspoken, brave, loyal, and fearless. Right now she's still recovering mentally and emotionally from a near-fatal car accident, and can be a little 'distant' and 'shell-shocked' at times, perhaps prone to forget names ore dates. But she's getting better!

Publicly Known History

Morgan grew up the only child of Bohemian parents. She became interested in extreme sports early in life, and especially in motor sports. As a young woman, she had a few brushes with the law for unlicensed driving, but now enjoys racing and stunt-driving.

Unfortunately, this isn't really a full time career, so she tends bar in Soho to make ends meet.

Recently, she suffered an accident on a movie set, and spent a month or two recovering. She's whole, at least physically, and slowly working back up to a full time life once more. Those who knew her before might be inclined to think that something is slightly 'off' regarding her behaviour, but most people put that down to the trauma she has suffered.

The Lab

The bar Morgan works at is called The Lab. It's small, and intimate, with a long bar lined with stools down one wall, some booths against the other that might seat four at a squeeze, and the restrooms at the back, with a door leading out to the alley behind. There's no kitchens as such. You can get a grilled cheese at the bar, or some crisps, or if you're lucky on the weekend they might have some pork pies in the fridge. They make great cocktails at The Lab, and stock craft beers, and English wines. They also have an excellent collection of whiskeys and gins.

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OOC Information

Player Discord: Morte