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IC Information

First Impressions

  • Beautiful, chiseled perfection.
  • Desire drips from her pores.
  • Regal in stature, elegant in attire, kind yet something more hides behind those beautiful eyes.

Publicly Known History

  • Nyx Adamson, more money then she knows what to to do with.
  • She smells sweet like candy to the local Kindred on occasion.
  • Lives in the Latin Quarter Adamson Estate

Connections and Allies


(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

  • Katalina McLain - Friend, lover, Mentor
  • Julian Luna - Vampire Friend, Financial Adviser, lover, Protector
  • Egon Dunkle - Changeling, Mentor, Roommate, Confidant, lover
  • Otto Lecuyer - Terrifying yet possible ally? (Unsure)
  • Bartok - Her faithful companion from Arcadia and the Hedge, Hedgebeast
  • Helios - The lover returns

Theme Music

(songs that relate)



(these should be based on IC events, not OOC jokes)

  • She is insatiable.
  • Desires the Kiss from the Paladin
  • Desires the Kiss from Katalina


(things said in game)

  • "To be continued."
  • "I desire power, love in all it's many forms, family and friends."
  • "Does it matter if I have a preference?"
  • "Put that weapon away before you hurt someone."

OOC Information


Player Discord: Jenni

This character was a Changeling as part of the Vampire venue.