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IC Information

First Impressions

Omar is a tall, thin, well coiffed man with olive-brown skin, narrow features, and a fairly serious bearing that can mask both a mischievous sense of humor and fairly savage mockery alike. In Paris, he speaks in excellent French that has a recognizable Arabic accent.

Publicly Known History

Those who were aware of fashion in mid-1990s through the turn of the century would know him by name, or, slightly less likely, by name and appearance, as a a fairly famous fashion designer from that time, and that he simply dropped off the scene in 2001.

Omar returned to the Paris fashion scene in September 2018 with the launch of a haute couture collection titled Twilight, at Last. (He was utterly unaware of the series of books and movies called twilight, and would have chose a different name if he had known of them.) He has been on television and social media/web cast with increasing frequency over the past months and would potentially be recognizable by anyone with an interest in style. His boutique, Hamadi is in the 6th eme., at 156 Boulevard St. Germain.

In Syria, nothing would be known about him as a mortal. As a vampire, from about 2008 on, he operated first as a pack priest, and then a bishop in the area of Damascus, active in the efforts of the Sabbat resist Ashirra expansion into the Sabbat's already shrinking territory.

Those in Sabbat leadership might know that his last pack was shattered in April 2018 when it was caught in a military strike against Syrian government targets that also included an Ashirra leader Omar and his pack were trying to take down, and that he left Syria for Paris soon after.

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

  • Maria del Belmonte - Cardinal of Europe; friend who Omar sees as a potential pack mate
  • Simone des Anges - Archbishop of Paris; gathering her collection of Noddist lore for him; recently designed a chic, but conservative dress for her, and designed another for her more than 20 years ago, as a mortal
  • Gabriel Knight - The Man in Black; new acquaintance; has offered to fill in some gaps in Omar's education
  • Sofia Banchini - Torreador antitribu who, playing against type, watched out for the safety of some of his foolish employees at a Fashion Week party
  • Bethany Stryker - Adventurous young vampire with whom Omar enjoys flirting
  • Elena Murphy - New friend Omar is enjoying getting to know; he thinks she is intriguing, fun, a little odd, and maybe a little dangerous; he he also thinks she has been failed badly by Cainites in her past.
  • Harriet Plover - Friend with whom there's a spark. Made a dress that is among his finest work, in his own minds anyway. On the run from an Inquisitor.
  • Jennifer Marsters - Ghoul - Assistant fashion designer in his shop; recent graduate from Parsons (top U.S. fashion design school)
  • Henri Claret - Ghoul - Assistant fashion designer in his shop; came over from Donna Karan's design house
  • Ruaa Hamza - lead tailor/seamstress in his shop; refugee of Syrian war, as are several other tailors and seamstresses in the shop. Mother hen of the Hamadi operation, an, increasingly, of Paris's vampire population.

Theme Music

(songs that relate)

("In this room of disconnect All I need are mannequins and me/ Fabric straight from arm to arm/ Rescuing my heart from harm/ All that I can see speaks of finesse/ Radically my fashion dreams,/ Costumed men and models scream/ Fame is nothing more than force duress/ Let them comment of my cold behaviour/ Beauty has a price that’s paid by greed")


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OOC Information

Player Discord: Maerdwyn
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