Osbert Greengrass

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IC Information

Osbert Barnabas Greengrass is a pure blood wizard from a good but perhaps lesser known family. He works for the Ministry of Magic, in Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures, cataloguing, registering, and regulating half casts and magical creatures.

Detailed Appearance

Tall, 6’ 5” when not stooping. Barely 6’ when he does stoop. He’s filled out since school, but used to be thin and weak as a child. His hair is a lank straw yellow, and he tends to squint a lot, so it’s difficult to see his piercing green eyes. He’s a little soft now, a bit too padded, but he’s not fat.

First Impressions

He’s a weakling. He stoops a lot, never looks his superiors/peers in the eye, nods his head and says ‘yes’ a lot.

He has limp straw-blond hair down to his shoulders, and squints a lot, so his eye colour is difficult to see.

Publicly Known History

He attended Hogwarts. Was in his first year during the famous battle, witnessed Voldermort’s victory. He was sorted into Ravenclaw, instead of a Slytherin as was usual for his family, and they have never let him forget.

Common Hangouts

  • his desk at the Ministry,
  • the Leaky Cauldron, for a drink after work,
  • in Diagon Alley, looking for those who perhaps shouldn’t be there,
  • creeping around a Knockturn Alley, looking for those on the wanted list,
  • at home, in his small garden, looking after his birds.

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

Theme Music

(songs that relate)

  • ...
  • ...


(these should be based on IC events, not OOC jokes)

  • he’s related to Draco Malfoy somehow, that’s the only reason he has his job at the Ministry.
  • he prefers birds to people


(things said in game)

  • “Yes, Sir, right away.”
  • “May I see your permit, please?”
  • “Caw..”

OOC Information

This character is portrayed by Morte