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NPC Character This character is an NPC (Non-Player Character). If you need to obtain information about this character, please contact the Guardian listed on the page below.

Below is a list of other non-player characters who are occasionally encountered in or around the Lovecraft Country area are are related to the venue.
Not all the information provided here is known, much of it is secret.


Arkham Asylum

Doctor Greusse

One of the foremost doctors at the Asylum, Doctor Greusse deals with long term patients and special cases.

Matron Walton

Matron Walton. A scowling woman who often guards the reception to the Asylum with a careful eye whenever the younger girls are not on duty. Fiercely loyal to her position there is nothing she dislikes more than unexpected visitors who have not made appointments.

Mr. Gene Bennet

A long term patient at the Asylum, having been admitted in 1985.


The Verlon's

Mary and Joe Verlon are a reasonably happy couple who are regulars at the local church and at Ms. Smith's Bakery and Sweets.
They have three adopted children; Karen (aged 18), Freddy (aged 12) and Daniella (aged 8).

Kingsport Police

Olivia Bell

One of several detectives in the KPD. Friendly and welcoming. More often seen in uniform than most detectives in the interest of reassuring the public of police presence.


Olivia Bell's partner. A quiet man who maintains an air of disinterest letting his partner do the talking. He is a man of few words though he does enjoy quietly teasing Olivia with looks and faint comments.


Mrs. Frizz

One of the towns two bus drivers. Well known for her red hair, her love of summer dresses and her friendly helpful nature.


Boston ~ The Order of the King

Situated in Boston, the secret and unknown Order of the King comprises three members.


Charles works as a Janitor at the Massachusetts State House in Boston. He is a weathered looking older man who enjoys humming japanese folk songs. He enjoys his coffee black without sugar.
Secretly he is also the leader of the Order in Boston.

Vera Branford

Similarly late in life, Vera is a quiet almost subserviant woman who keeps her head down and does what she can to help out both her friends and family.
Unknown to her friends she is a true believer in the Order despite her limited power.

Owen Branford

Vera's son is around twenty years of age and incredibly confident with it. He is a young and passionate man who is a fan of horror movies and long walks. He can be a little prickly with new people and tends to keep to a small group of old friends.
Underneath his exterior is an anger ready to challenge the world from all he has had to face. Some would say dangerously so.
He too is secretly a member of the Order though not as obediant to its true leader. Unlike his mother he has a fair degree of inner power.
Owen Branford.jpg


The town most famous for its historical witch trials.

Meghan Putnam

Believed to be related to one of Anne Putnam's siblings, she owns and manages Liebstudios - A combination yoga studio/nutrition counselling centre which has a private art studio upstairs. Secretly she is a follower of Mynoghra.

St. Mary's Grove

A small idyllic town some drive from Kingsport (and thus other areas) almost hidden away in the woods.

Joy Henderson

Karen Verlon's birth mother.