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Welcome to HBN

We are so glad to see you here, and you’re more than welcome to stay. But there are a few things we must warn you about first.

We regret to inform you, but this is not Disney. The stories you will read here aren't happy elf fairy tales, but dark fantasy epics laced with magic, vampirism, and alien gods.

If the idea of dark creatures with dark aspirations makes you uncomfortable, turn around now. Perhaps look elsewhere for the stories you want. Sometimes bad things happen in life, and they're likely to happen here.


However, if you like stories about clever and reasonably attractive dark wizards and witches, backroom deals, Eldritch Horror, and things that go bump in the night, if you have the courage of a hero or the sinister mind of a villain, then please have a seat and start reading.


Our story takes place in the present-day; for reference to Harry Potter canon, Albus Potter began school in the fall of 2017.
Please use HP Dating Conventions as our ‘official’ timeline.


There were parts of the second wizard war not as well recorded as the rest. Among the dark creatures enlisted by the Death Eaters to serve the Dark Lord there were Vampires and even Wyrm-tainted Garou. Not all of their kind supported such actions however, there were individuals from both breeds of magical creature which fought against the Dark Lord. The war not only hurt Wizards and Muggles, losses were great all over.

As we all know, the Dark Lord fell and many of his followers defeated, destroyed or captured. That was the end of the story, but the world moves on.. In the months following the war, the Wizards, Vampires, Garou and Humans continued to battle against prejudices remaining from the Battle of Hogwarts while the few remaining death eaters and others with a thirst for power attempted to gain footholds without success.

These events and the dissolution of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission caused a wave of Wizarding World sympathy for the Muggleborns and Muggles. Then Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt took advantage of this to pass new laws protecting Muggles, and anti-Muggleborn prejudice are no longer considered socially acceptable though they do still remain beneath the surface.

Several years later, the so-called Dark Creatures of the world (having obtained places on the International Wizarding Council), assisted by Kingsley Shacklebolt and Hermione Granger-Weasley, pushed the relations between the wizarding world and other supernatural beings. The Accord was formed between all supernatural races for a common cause, unite with one another to prevent future conflict and protect each others secrecy (be it the Statute of Secrecy, the Masquerade or the Veil). As part of the Accord Vampires are forbidden to feed on children regardless of consent and those involved should refrain from killing each other.

All groups involved have mixed feelings about this and cannot agree, especially in cases of the traditional Garou Litany among many other debates. The Accord holds strongest in Europe which has once again raised the British Ministry into prominence over the MACUSA, however even today the matter remains highly political and impossible to be enforced around the world.

Over the years since, efforts have continued to try and improve matters. Hogwarts opened their doors to vampire professors and the British Ministry of Magic's Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures continues to work towards balance and peace in the Wizarding World and beyond, however..

In the current day, almost two full decades since the war ended, a renewed rise in Purebloods in the Wizarding World has brought back old views once more. As the children grow older the world becomes entangled in matters long thought settled and many watch horrified as Pureblood families send their children into the world with prejudice and unhealthy pride, having learned nothing from the past.

This has of course renewed tensions with other races, who fear history may repeat itself once more..

Social Prejudices: In the Muggle & Magical world

Toxic thoughts like Pure-Blood supremacy tend to crop up again and again, every generation or so, even after most people think they’ve died out. The more Pure-Bloods that are born (and a lot of them were after the war) the more generational prejudices will start to rise once more. While the International Confederation of Wizardry works to protect and integrate Muggle-born’s, Half-bloods and Supernaturals into society, the Death Eater agenda starts to gain ground again within private homes and secret meetings.

Most people, of course, are appalled by this and do not condone bigotry or violence. Still, fear-mongering is increasing, and hate crimes against Muggles, Dark Creatures and Muggle-born’s are on the rise.

In Britain the Ministry of Magic is still being sent letters and conflicting demands that the mixed creatures and mudblood’s are not allowed anywhere near their children. Claiming it is the best for their children’s ‘security’. The atmosphere has started to settle down, at least on the surface, due to efforts of Hermione Granger-Weasley and the Ministry to educate the Wizarding World.

Rumours are abound of course, with some saying that the administration is actively diverting acceptance letters to Wizarding Schools to keep the Muggle-born and Half-bloods out of school. Most people dismiss this however, saying that the reduced numbers are just down to the loss of records during the war and their being so few born since then due to how they were persecuted during those dark times.

Did Supernatural Creatures Fight in the Second Wizarding War?

Some did; mostly fighting against each other in the heat of battle from the loud war cry that shook the United Kingdom. Despite the Death Eater belief that Wizarding kind is vastly superior, both sides reached out to varying Dark Creatures during the war.

The war split Vampire culture even within their own factions. A great many Anarch's raised support for the Dark Lord while a few others fought alongside those who opposed him, either openly or in secret.

Many Garou bearing a black spiraled mark relished in the Dark Lord's ideals, joining him in his reign of chaos. This no doubt prompted other Garou to rally against them outside the cities. Much of this went unrecorded by wizarding kind however, as both sides vanished back into hiding following the war.

To many Dark Creatures however, the Wizarding World ‘was not their problem’ though losses were noticeable among all races.

How Call of Cthulhu Fits into our world

During the 2nd Wizarding war a lot of damage was done to London and various villages and cities around the United Kingdom. During the clean up post-war a muggle was caught casting a magic unknown to the Wizarding World. Since that time various Wizards have attempted to understand the Mythos, all have failed to harness the power and have been driven to insanity attempting to do so.

Having been uncovered by the Wizarding World, Cultists made a deal to secure mythos magic (via ritual with cosmic deities) from the Wizarding World; Rendering it useless to the Wizarding World. In response the Wizards watch these unusual magicians with wary eyes, treating them as they treat all other magical creatures they know very little intimate details about.

The wizarding council entered an agreement with various 'cult leaders' to attempt to bring them into The Accord to protect 'ordinary muggles', but it is not widely honoured - Much to the peril of the cultists who attempt to abuse their powers beyond redemption.

(Only Call of Cthulhu specific characters can get the skill: Mythos, which is required to use Eldritch Magic.)

Wizarding Magic vs Mythos Magic

It is unknown by the Wizarding world why these two magics are not the same thing.
In a way they are the same as the mystery of vampire disciplines; unique to the mythos wizards who use it.

Wizarding magic comes from something deeply connected to the world and is naturally in the users blood. Mythos magic is alien to the world in a literal sense. Attempts by Wizarding World Witches and Wizards to learn mythos or its magics will accelerate madness from not being able to understand the cosmic associations with the mythos.

Call of Cthulhu Cultists and Investigators are 'muggles' in the sense that their DNA is not Wizarding World DNA, they have been cosmically affected by something otherworldly.

How the World of Darkness Fits into our world

On 2 December 2010, the Minister for Magic and a group of officials from the Ministry (including Ms. Granger-Weasley) sat down with several high status supernaturals (including a few heads of mythos cults). The Dark Creatures and cultists announced and ratified their intentions to keep to their own societies and to maintain understanding and harmony (within reason of sect and membership conflicts), and to keep collective secrets from the Muggles.

Call of Cthulhu Investigators and Cultists being the exception to the 'Muggle' rule.

Soon after, laws and edicts were handed down among each group to enforce this. There are exceptions such as Sabbat, black spirals, other creatures, and vampires who chose to side with The Dark Lord.

Final Remarks

It should be noted that Vampire: the Masquerade and Call of Cthulhu have been altered slightly from Canon, enough to fit them into the Harry Potter universe. So please speak to the appropriate Keepers about current game canon for those venues or check this link: https://www.hogwartsbynight.com/wiki/index.php/Canon_Material_vs_HBN_Setting