Sacharissa Skeeter

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IC Information

Call me 'Rissa. Third third of a Slytherin Trio which also includes cousins Bella Lestrange (named after her infamous aunt) & Callan Macmillan (possibly the only third year boy whose popularity rivals that of Scorpius Malfoy). The three are often seen together and are a noted influence in their year.

Detailed Appearance

Attractive and blonde. 'Rissa keeps her hair relatively short and isn't afraid to change up the style on occasion. She has green eyes. When not in school robes she dresses uniquely to stand out, occasionally looking tomboyish.

First Impressions

Attentive and detail focused. Her general reaction to people is based less on their house (though she does still tend to favour those in her own) and more on what she has heard about them before. Those that have had interesting rumours get more attention than those who rather fade into the background.

'Rissa herself goes out of her way to stand out. She isn't as good looking as some of the others in her year but you couldn't count on her fading into the crowd. Rather than a pet she is often followed by an acid-green quill which seems semi-sentient.

Publicly Known History

Daughter of a famous, some would say infamous, mother and a mysteriously secret father.
'Rissa started the student newspaper, the Hogwart's Herald, early in her first year and is editor, writer, reporter and occasional photographer for it. Anyone who insults it is bound to earn her ire.

Potions is her best subject since she has a particular knack with it.
Her elective classes are Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and Divination.

Known Hangouts

The Slytherin Common Room, Potions Classroom, the Herald's development room (all in the dungeons) or anywhere on the school grounds where she might find a story.

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

  • Bella Lestrange - Housemate in her dormroom. The two have a surprising amount in common including; shared elective classes, a struggle with herbology and a reputation to live up to. Easily 'Rissa's closest friend.
  • Callan Macmillan - 'Rissa's boyfriend who she adores. The two originally spent time together through Bella (his cousin) before developing feelings for each other. The trio is now inseparable.
  • George Smith - The two have a grudging respect and public rivalry in potions class. Neither has crossed or cursed the other though.

Theme Music

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  • She once received two howlers in a single week, something she considers a point of pride.


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OOC Information

This character is portrayed by Liz