Sailors Journal

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The Sailors Journal

Bought from

The bookshop in Paris owned by the Cult of Starry Wisdom.

IG Quotes

KoC - “The other, which changes languages halfway through, the first part in English, the second in an incomprehensible language. Begins speaking of sailing the great oceans of the Dreamlands, it speaks of exotic ports and the denizens that dwell within, it describes great sea dwelling mammals, thunderous storms creatures and dark settlements on the edge of sight. Where the book changes language he speaks of one of these places "Black thin angular towers with streets as dark as the basalt buildings that surround them. Dismal sea chants can be heard droning before we even got there. Who knows what adventure this will bring!" The next page appears to be an organised jumble of letters. This carries on for a while. However the last few pages contain what look like a spell. Though without knowing the language or cipher its indiscernible what the spell is.”

Arthur - “There’s something vaguely familiar about the city it begins to describe, like something he’s seen in a dream. The jumble of language draws him in, and he finds himself wanting to know what it says.”


Cover -
Wrapped in traditional hard wearing cloth what was originally a deep red colour has now been bleached into a brown woody hue. Dog eared around the edges with some indentations through the course of its years, its fair to say the book had seen better days.
First half -
The first half begins like a dream journal, of sailing the Cenerian Sea, on . a ship known as “The Mottled Dabchick”. A vessel captained by Grace Gorge, a polite and fair captain who dealt with explorers and traded with spices. A few encounters in the reader will begin to establish that for a short while the writer believes these are all dreams. However, he encounters one of the other dreamers on the boat in real life and who remembers him, shortly after through asking more questions from denizens of Celephais did he discover the truth of it all. It is here his adventures become more of a exciting adventure, as he uses his time now to venture to every port he can and to speak to other dreamers. He speaks of finding a lady adventurer to frolic with, though doesnt give her name, only ever referring her to “H” and the fact she taught him a spell to help them with their endeavours. He speaks of them getting into trouble with the Emporers guards, of finding the ruins of Diakos, and of finding Drinen and enjoying the Pleasure Quarter that lies within it. Then her name vanishes, he moarns her not dreaming for a while before his urge to adventure begins. He goes to Hlanith and spends a week there, helping its citizens and eventually the king, who commends him for his antics and offers him a place on his court. The writer refuses apologetically saying he had no intention of staying to long in Hlanith and he feels he must depart once more. Over the next few adventures he speaks of finding holy men in the Dreamlands, of the temples across its domain and of enjoying having a religious debate with some people in Lhosk. Here he agreed to help a man named Bruche on an endeavour, to recapture something that was stolen from him, and here is where he left the final statement as the ship docked into Dylath-Leen.
Second half -
...This is not the place i thought it was. I had hoped for adventure and life but this place, this place is nothing more than a leech that sucks the lives out of those that dwell here with good intentions. This city has Eyes, these Eyes of Dylath Leen hold the city in their fetid grasp, all cower beneath their gaze save the king who reside on a throne built on the grave of his predecessors. They bear no uniform save the armour they where so one is indistinguishable from another. But each have a tattoo on their arm, one of a river leading up to a triangle underneath a starry. I know not what this means.
I sit here in this tavern as i have for the past few nights keeping my head down for my actions as valiant as they where have attracted the Eyes. Yet it is not me i fear for, rumours say they hurt those in ill favour by many means and it is this reason why i shall not say her name again. For i fear she will be taken. I shall try something new tomorrow, perhaps a way to put me in their favour.
The eyes are against eachother it seems, i have gained the favour of one group but not the other. Some protection at least. Yet they still will not let me leave this place, enslaved and incarcerated. I must find a way out.
(A few pages appear to have been stained beyond any readability, as if a liquid has passed over them causing them to forget their own memories.)
This does not bode well, i have taken to residing in the network of tunnels and caves that reside underneath the city, where the lowest of us live. I had not thought such a place possible. Only one Eye remains, betrayed from within our own ranks as it where. They know I'm alive still, i must go into further hiding.
How long has it been? The nightless days and the dayless nights merge into one and the other. All i hear are their footsteps, banging on doors, hunting....for me. For the moment i have bribed those i trust with good service, teaching them a way to hide in plain sight of such monstrosities. Something she taught me.Though i fear the spell only works in this dreamrealme i feel it is necessary none the less.
My sources have told me of a new scourge, one of the Eyes who has been granted favour by a god. Curse them. A creature with vile senses and a thousand teeth. He can make himself look like us. This name?
What a foul creature, a fetid creature that likes to play with its prey with its foul sorcery. I hope even this spell can hide me from him.
(A page is left blank as the words of the spell and the ingredients needed.)
Chant of the Unseen. -
A salve needs to be prepared from the poisonous plant that resides upon the banks of the river Skai. A crude drawing of a 3 layered leave with increasing petals on each layer. Three, eight and eleven respectively. A side note is added. - The inner part of each leaf is a bright luminescent yellow whilst the outside is a dark scarlet.
Once the salve is concocted, apply to the skin. Everywhere. Clothes will not adhere to the salve so we must be naked whilst doing so. Quickly you must chant N'ghftnahh mgah'ehye ya l' ahl'n'gha but only once for once is all you need. But beware.Though the form is invisible the caster is not inaudible.
(The book doesn't end here though. a few final pages remain in the tome. The handwriting shakier still. Broken in places. Patches are disfigured by droplets of water long since passed.)
I thought i had lost you, i had misplaced you in one of our hideaways. How long has it been since i have read your words, and remembered you. I am old now, frail some might say but i still have my wits about me. I'm sure of it. A lot has happened. They still hunt, and i still hide. I tried to fight back long ago....
the words begin to fade before starting afresh.
I still remember her. My heart. My love. She was everything and more.
I found a priest who dwelt inside an abandoned temple down here, it overlooked the river. He told me of a prophesy concerning this Nebi. One that had been foretold for generations. Of how to end him....
I think she is the prophecy. She must still be alive. Am i going mad, finally after all these years of running of hiding of dwelling in caves in farms in abandonment. Have i succumb to the inevitable? What would she think of me now?
(A page is left blank, purposefully or not, the reason is unclear.)
I know where she is, where to find her! Rumours may be rumours but rumours are based on truth!!! Hahahahahah. There is talks of the Eye having a camp in the desert, there she will be yes, there she will be. I know it. I just know it. I shall find her there and help her, if she is caught i shall help her escape if she is plotting i shall help her anyway i can and she will love me again yes? I must go.

(The final words are written in Welsh, but the warmth of the amulet whispers to him the words.)
Rwy'n dod i Yvonne
I am coming Yvonne


Passing Unseen

  • Cost: 10+mp; 1d3 sanity points.
  • Casting time: one round.

Grand Grimoire pgs 147-148