Sasha Drozd

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IC Information

First Impressions

Quite handsome man in his mid-late twenties (DOB January 14, 1992); 6'1"/185 cm, in very good shape. Speaks with a Russian accent, which is at some times thicker than others. Generally keeps his facial expressions in check Stylish clothing with concessions made to a moderate budget.

Publicly Known History

Aleksandr, or Sasha to many, is recent arrival to Kingsport, having moved here around Christmas 2017. He works as a dance instructor in a studio on Washington Street. He attended Amherst College in western Massachusetts.

Connections and Allies

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  • Dickens Moore, new friend

Theme Music

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  • Matilda Harrow heard some students on campus talking about him and his looks due to some flyers featuring his photo that the dance studio had distributed in the area


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OOC Information

Player Discord: Maerdwyn