Severus Snape

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IC Information

Detailed Appearance

Thin and sallow skinned but nonetheless possessing a powerfully strong and authoritative presence.
He has a penetratingly sharp gaze and wears flowing black robes that give him a somewhat batlike appearance.
He wears the Dark Mark on his left forearm.

First Impressions

Sternly firm to the point of being rigid, even with other professors.
He is softly spoken unless angered.

Snape has a reputation for favouring Slytherin house over others and for judging students based on their talent in both the Dark Arts and Potions.

Publicly Known History

Before the Dark Lord returned to power Snape worked at Hogworts as Potions Professor. He became Headmaster following the death of Dumbledore who he killed, holding the post for several years before Umbridge took the position.
Asking questions about this change in position is a sure-fire way to get yourself in detention.

He has few friends among the Hogwarts staff and keeps to himself. His snide remarks are quite well known.

It is known that he is a true master of both the Dark Arts and Potionmaking, and is one of the few wizards to have been taught the secret magical method of unsupported flight by Voldemort himself. Additionally he is known to have invented a number of unique spells of his own design.
Few people have ever witnessed him duelling properly but his reputation is still feared. During the Second Wizarding War no Death Eater dared raise a wand against him however angry they were, including the notoriously powerful and reckless Bellatrix Lestrange.

Common Hangouts

Snapes office is located in the dungeons.
He is well known for prowling the corridors at night.

Connections and Allies

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  • Dolores Umbridge The two professors have a long held rivalry and a quiet dislike of each other.

Theme Music

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  • He is one of the few Professors who does not hold Scorpius Malfoy in high regard.


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OOC Information

This character is an NPC controlled by Keeper of Illusions