Sofia Bianchini

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IC Information

Sofia is a Toreador Antitribu Albigensian Italian dancer and whore who hides a lust for pain and power behind her vintage beauty.

First Impressions

Sofia has what people would call a timeless beauty from a bygone era. Curves in the right places some might say when they're obviously looking at her body. Often wears vintage clothing that shows off her dancers form.

Speaks English and Italian fluently and can speak some French as well. The Italian accent clearly showing.

Publicly Known History

  • Born in Milan and spent most of her youth having dance lessons before The Second World War.
  • Moved to Rome as a mortal as she wanted to chase her dreams of becoming a great dancer. Instead she found herself working as a cocktail waitress and became known for earning extra money by sleeping with men.
  • Embraced in 1954 after meeting her sire who wooed her by promising to devote himself to her. However, she was soon ditched when he got bored.
  • Moved to Paris and became a Call Girl for mortals who enjoy her classic looks and the services she offers, including full discretion which attracts the rich and powerful men of Paris and Monaco. Power and money is an Aphrodisiac to her.
  • She is loyal to the Sword and The Code of Milan and also puts her pack Apocrypha and herself first. A self proclaimed selfish bitch.

Connections and Allies

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Theme Music

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  • Seen on a date with a man of the cloth and both looking like they had a good evening together.
  • Has a varied number of men in her little black book.


(things said in game)

Oh didn't I say that I'm a Vampire. We're everywhere and that was what we call the kiss.

OOC Information

Player Discord: Keely