The Big Easy

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The Big Easy is a bar in Knockturn Alley.
There’s no sign to say it’s there. No name plate or advertising. You either know it’s there, or you don’t. Some people are brought their first time. Others follow another outcast, hoping for a crumb. Some just stumble onto it.

It is a haven for Muggle-Born, half-breeds, and other creatures looked down on by The Ministry and the Pure Blood elite.

The proprietor is Mum. At least, that’s what everyone calls her once getting to know her. Before then, she’s politely addressed as Ma’am.

The Big Easy was opened by Mum about five years ago. She had heard the plight of the outcasts of magical society, and didn’t agree with it one bit! Her origins aren’t known, but she does still have a feint American accent, and a habit of calling everyone love or dear or hon.

The building is huge, with a high ceiling, banistered stairs running up one wall to a balcony all around. There are rooms up there where people in dire need can stay a night or three. Rooms down in the basement, too, if you’re that way inclined. Mum doesn’t discriminate.

There’s a bar at one end of the room, with stools the full length, a huge open fireplace at the other end, above it crossed rusting swords. Between the bar and the fireplace are tables and chairs mostly, a couple of comfy sofas near the fireplace. Behind the bar is the kitchen. Under the stairs is the door to out back, and the restrooms.

Above the door, proudly obvious for everyone to see, is a Sneakoscope. It helps people feel safe. Helps keep the peace.

Don’t come here if you’re not welcome. Pure bloods who stumble in rarely stumble out remembering where they’ve been. But if you are the type to be welcome, then you’ll be met with a smile and open arms, good food and drink, and somewhere to feel safe.