Tristan Yaxley

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IC Information

Detailed Appearance

Currently Tristan stands 5 ft 9 inches and weighing 150 pounds. In shape changing from short to somewhat long blonde hair, grey eyes. Always in his house robes or quidditch uniform. On the exception his clothing is rather tight.

First Impressions

  • Able to vanish into any crowd unseen.
  • Quiet
  • Reserved
  • The pureblood side can be shown in his eyes if you really look

Publicly Known History

  • His elective classes are Arithmancy and Divination.
  • On the Gryffindor Team has earned the Nickname of the One Winged Angel for the crazy techniques!
  • Chaser Techniques
  • - EX Haduoken - Flipping under his broom and launching the quaffle to another chaser with deadly accuracy!
  • - Rise of the Angel! - Standing on his broom and balancing dangerously close to the goal posts launching himself and the quaffle at the goal to land on his broom just in time from falling! (Very dangerous)
  • - One Winged Angel! - Leaning sideways on his broom using the foot stir and one arm on the broom as he speeds towards the goal to launch the quaffle under the Keeper to score!

Known Hangouts

  • Quidditch Pitch
  • Gryffindor Common Room
  • Library from time to time

Connections and Allies


(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

Theme Music

(songs that relate)


(these should be based on IC events, not OOC jokes)

  • He thinks himself a modern Michelangelo's David, when he is really just a flyboy.
  • Admires two Professors that you would consider the extreme opposite sides of the spectrum!
  • A Quidditch top might be made just for him with the one black wing over the right shoulder due to his nickname!


(things said in game)

  • "You are correct professor. It should not preclude viciousness more to the fact that both go hand in hand. As you say inventive and unexpected. A fine line that must be walked with such care in the same ideal of one that deep down is one way and outwardly another. A true mask if you will. But at the same time in the end what one shows to the world and behind the closed door is two different things but at the same time a whole."
  • ...

OOC Information

This character is portrayed by Rich.